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Japan’s Economy: A Bibliography of Its Past and Present
Wray, William D.

Subject: Asia

This useful bibliography covers Early Modern Japan (Tokugawa period through the Restoration era), Modern Japan (1868-1945, World War II, the Occupation and Postwar eras) and Contemporary Japan.

Japanese History and Culture from Ancient to Modern Times: Seven Basic Bibliographies
Dower, John W. and Timothy S. George

Subject: Asia, Japan


A collection of seven bibliographies on Japanese history and culture from ancient to modern times. It should be useful as a research list, and seeks to include many unusual, elusive and valuable sources.

“An imagination and comprehensive guide …

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Jews and Judaism in African History
Hull, Richard

Subject: Africa, Religion, Middle East, Jewish Studies

This timely book is the first to cover the history of Jews from the times of Alexander the Great and Caesar to Idi Amin and Nelson Mandela. Jews have often been a marginalized minority, yet they have played a role …

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Jews of a Saharan Oasis: The Elimination of the Tamantit Community
Hunwick, John

Subject: Africa, Religion, Jewish Studies, Middle East

“Jews spread out from Israel into northern Africa after the Roman destruction of much of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. and settled in Saharan oases. Although there was no love for Jews after the birth of Islam five centuries later, Muslim …

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Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey
Miles, William F. S.

Subject: Africa, Religion, Jewish Studies

While Jews have long had a presence in Ethiopia and the Maghreb, Africa’s newest Jewish community of note is in Nigeria, where upwards of twenty thousand Igbos are commonly claimed to have adopted Judaism. Bolstered by customs recalling an Israelite …

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Jihad: A History in Documents (2016 Expanded Edition)
Peters, Rudolph F.

Subject: Religion, Middle East

This updated and expanded 2016 edition of the classic text on Muslim thinking about war and peace features new chapters on jihad after 9/11, including translations and analyses of fatwas from ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“Helps us understand the wider …

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