Subject: World History

A History of Madagascar
Brown, Mervyn

Subject: Africa

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It is a unique blend of Asian and African culture and is well known as the home of some of the world’s most unusual and most endangered flora and fauna, from …

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African Geopolitics
Hugon, Philippe (translated by Steve Randall)

Subject: Africa, Colonial, World History

For over a thousand years, foreign powers, including the Arabs, Portuguese, Spanish, British, French, and now Chinese, interfered in African affairs to pursue economic and political gains. In a similar way, African rulers exploited this foreign presence for their own …

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African Identity in Asia: Cultural Effects of Forced Migration
Jayasuriya, Shihan de Silva

Subject: Africa, Asia, History of Slavery

In contrast to the dispersion of slaves across the Atlantic, African movement to Asia has received scant attention because forced migrations across the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, which endured for centuries, were not part of a significant economic network.

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African Women: A Historical Panorama
Romero, Patricia W.

Subject: African History, Women's History, Textbook

African women have made history as doctors, merchants, slaves, prostitutes, and religious leaders. In this survey of the roles women have played in sub-Saharan Africa, from the Queen of Sheba in Ethiopia to the elected presidents of contemporary Liberia and …

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America in the Eyes of the Germans: An Essay on Anti-Americanism
Diner, Dan (foreword by Sander Gilman; translated by Allison Brown)

Subject: U.S. History, World History

The author presents a short history of a rather complex idea that began around the year 1800. Though the United States was often viewed by the people of Germany as a land of opportunity, a portion of the intelligentsia, with …

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Amistad: A Hidden Network of Slavers and Merchants
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Slavery, African History, Caribbean History, US History, African History

“This very readable book will be accessible to wide audiences, scholars specialized in slavery and Atlantic studies, and students at all levels. The story moves from the most well-known parts of this history (the Amistad case in popular history), …

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Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology
Finley, Sir Moses I. (edited by Brent Shaw)

Subject: Europe, World History, History of Slavery, Latin America

Slaves have been exploited in most societies throughout human history. There have, however, been only five genuine slave societies, and of these, two were in antiquity: classical Greece and classical Italy. Here distinguished historian Sir Moses Finley examines those two …

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Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World
Faath, Sigrid

Subject: Middle East, Religion, U.S. History

Anti-Americanism is a far from homogenous phenomenon — even in the Islamic world, where the press would sometimes want to convince us that a near-unanimous hostility to the United States exists. This book, by dint of on-the-ground research into Muslim …

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Bitter Bonds: A Colonial Divorce Drama of the Seventeenth Century
Blussé, Leonard (translated by Diane Webb)

Subject: World History, European History, Asian History, Women's History

Book of the Year – Times Literary Supplement

In seventeenth-century Batavia, Cornelia van Nijenroode, the daughter of a geisha and a Dutch merchant in Japan, was known as “otemba” (meaning “untamable”), which made her a heroine to …

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Caribbean: Sea of the New World
Arciniegas, Germán

Subject: Caribbean

This book is a new edition of the most beautifully written history of the Caribbean from the European discovery through the nineteenth century. Commonweal wrote of the 1946 edition, “Arciniegas has written a most informative and entertaining book…the student of …

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