Caribbean: Sea of the New World

This book is a new edition of the most beautifully written history of the Caribbean from the European discovery through the nineteenth century. Commonweal wrote of the 1946 edition, “Arciniegas has written a most informative and entertaining book…the student of political and social morals will find in it much to ponder.” The New Republic concurred, writing, “Senor Arciniegas has a flair for bits of colorful detail and the kind of gossip which makes history come alive. Not the least of the book’s virtues are a series of thumbnail biographies of such figures as Amerigo Vespucci, Raleigh, Toussaint, Miranda, Lafitte, William Walker and de Lessep.” This edition also features an introduction by Norman Arciniegas.


Germán Arciniegas (1900-1999), Colombia University and Minister of National Education of the Republic of Colombia, was the author of numerous books, including The Knight of El Dorado.