Subject: Latin America


1959: The Year That Inflamed the Caribbean
Diederich, Bernard

Subject: Latin America, Caribbean

Certain years are pivotal in global history, and one such year was 1959, from which this book takes its title. 1959 was indeed a historic year during which, among other historic events, Fidel Castro’s guerrilla war in Cuba toppled dictator …

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A New Deal for the Tropics: Puerto Rico During the Depression Era, 1932-1935
Rodriguez, Manuel

Subject: Latin America, U.S. History, Caribbean

In the 1930s, Puerto Rico was economically and culturally a nineteenth-century agrarian state dominated by sugar and coffee plantations. Then came the New Deal, and the island changed forever. Puerto Rico entered the twentieth century in every respect, including its …

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A People’s History of Latin America
Horna, Hernan

Subject: Latin American History

The history of Latin America has been written principally with a top-down approach that focuses on leaders and the privileged. Hernán Horna brings us a history that centers on the experience of Native Americans, blacks, and the poor. It examines …

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African Sites Archaeology in the Caribbean
Haviser, Jay B.

Subject: Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Archaeology

This book examines archaeological research about African peoples who were brought to the Caribbean, as well as their descendants in the twentieth century. These contributions cover a wide geographic sample of regions and range from Caribbean studies to individual investigations …

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Afro-Cuban Myths: Yemaya and Other Orishas
Lachatañeré, Romulo (translated by Christine Ayorinde; illustrated by Siegfried Kaden; introduction by Jorge Castellanos)

Subject: Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, World Literature

A moving collection of myths and tales, Afro-Cuban Myths was first published in 1938 under the title Oh, Mío Yemayá! These stories lead readers into a marvelous and magical world: the extraordinary imaginations of Afro-Cubans. Destined to become a classic …

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Afro-Cuban Religions
Barnet, Miguel (translated by Christine Ayorinde; illustrated by Siegfried Kaden)

Subject: Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Religion

African cults and religions enrich all aspects of Cuba’s social, cultural, and everyday life and encompass all ethnic and social groups. Politics, art, and civil events such as weddings, funerals, festivals, and carnivals all possess distinctly Afro-Cuban characteristics. Miguel Barnet …

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American Colonialism in Puerto Rico: The Judicial and Social Legacy
Ramos, Efrén Rivera

Subject: Latin America

“This is a brilliant and outstanding book, quite persuasive in the way it interrogates history. Dr. Rivera Ramos performs the immense service of providing a serious discussion of the complexity of Puerto Rican history and political culture as well as …

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American Policy in Nicaragua: The Lasting Legacy
Stimson, Henry L. (introduction by Paul H. Boeker)

Subject: Latin America, U.S. History

Perhaps the most illuminating document ever published on American foreign policy in Nicaragua, this book represents a full spectrum of critical perspectives. Henry Stimson’s memoirs as a special envoy to Nicaragua, first published in 1927, are reprinted here in their …

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Amistad: A Hidden Network of Slavers and Merchants
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Slavery, African History, Caribbean History, US History, African History

“This very readable book will be accessible to wide audiences, scholars specialized in slavery and Atlantic studies, and students at all levels. The story moves from the most well-known parts of this history (the Amistad case in popular history), …

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Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology
Finley, Sir Moses I. (edited by Brent Shaw)

Subject: Europe, World History, History of Slavery, Latin America

Slaves have been exploited in most societies throughout human history. There have, however, been only five genuine slave societies, and of these, two were in antiquity: classical Greece and classical Italy. Here distinguished historian Sir Moses Finley examines those two …

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