Subject: US History

A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs
Taylor, Susie King (edited by Patricia W. Romero and Willie Lee Rose)

Subject: U.S. History

“These are the memoirs of a black woman who was born a slave, who had the good fortune to gain her freedom early in the war, with the education and ability to observe and the will to recall in later …

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A Black Woman’s Odyssey Through Russia and Jamaica: The Narrative of Nancy Prince
Prince, Nancy (introduction by Ronald Walters; edited by Patricia Romero)

Subject: Africa, Europe, U.S. History, Caribbean, History of Slavery, Women's History

Memories of Africa, pre-civil war New England, political turmoil in Russia, the end of slavery in Jamaica, and Caribbean pirates; an intrepid black woman experiences many turning points in world history.

Nancy Prince paints a blunt picture of the struggle …

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Allrightniks Row: “Haunch Paunch and Jowl”
Ornitz, Samuel (introduction by Gabriel Miller)

Subject: World Literature, US History, World History

This turn-of-the-century novel portrays people born in the tenements around Hester Street who fight their way out of the slums to make it to the fashionable Allrightniks Row. Its colorful characters include the narrator of the story, a corrupt judge …

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America in the Eyes of the Germans: An Essay on Anti-Americanism
Diner, Dan (foreword by Sander Gilman; translated by Allison Brown)

Subject: U.S. History, World History

The author presents a short history of a rather complex idea that began around the year 1800. Though the United States was often viewed by the people of Germany as a land of opportunity, a portion of the intelligentsia, with …

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American Colonialism in Puerto Rico: The Judicial and Social Legacy
Ramos, Efrén Rivera

Subject: Latin America

“This is a brilliant and outstanding book, quite persuasive in the way it interrogates history. Dr. Rivera Ramos performs the immense service of providing a serious discussion of the complexity of Puerto Rican history and political culture as well as …

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American Policy in Nicaragua: The Lasting Legacy
Stimson, Henry L. (introduction by Paul H. Boeker)

Subject: Latin America, U.S. History

Perhaps the most illuminating document ever published on American foreign policy in Nicaragua, this book represents a full spectrum of critical perspectives. Henry Stimson’s memoirs as a special envoy to Nicaragua, first published in 1927, are reprinted here in their …

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Amistad: A Hidden Network of Slavers and Merchants
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Slavery, African History, Caribbean History, US History, African History

“This very readable book will be accessible to wide audiences, scholars specialized in slavery and Atlantic studies, and students at all levels. The story moves from the most well-known parts of this history (the Amistad case in popular history), …

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Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World
Faath, Sigrid

Subject: Middle East, Religion, U.S. History

Anti-Americanism is a far from homogenous phenomenon — even in the Islamic world, where the press would sometimes want to convince us that a near-unanimous hostility to the United States exists. This book, by dint of on-the-ground research into Muslim …

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Battleship Vieques: Puerto Rico from World War II to the Korean War
Ayala, César J. and José L. Bolívar

Subject: Latin America, Caribbean, U.S. History

Outstanding Book of the Year, Choice Magazine

The demonstrations that resulted in the U.S. Navy’s being forced out of Vieques in 2003 were the result of the island’s occupation during and after World War II. After German …

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Blacks in Bondage: Letters of American Slaves
Starobin, Robert S., editor

Subject: U.S. History, Slavery

Written while enslaved or shortly after escape, the words recorded here express complexity and diversity of thought and feeling about slavery and being black. Blacks in Bondage is a landmark document in understanding the human side of history.


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