Subject: US History

Ivies in Athens: The Deep Bond Between Two Great Sporting Traditions: The Olympic Games and The Ivy League
Bashivi, Jay V.

Subject: U.S. History, World History

This remarkable history gives light to the Ivy League’s role in the fabric of the Olympic Games— thrilling victories, disappointing defeats, and enduring stories, topped off by a rare all-time index of Ivy League Olympians. The relationship between Ivy League …

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Nationalist Heroines: Puerto Rican Women History Forgot, 1930s-1950s
Jiménez de Wagenheim, Olga

Subject: Puerto Rican History, US History, Women's History, Caribbean History

From the moment the United States seized Puerto Rico, in 1898, to the 1950s, the islanders employed various forms of resistance to the imposition of American colonial rule. A group of Nationalists led by Pedro Albizu Campos made it clear …

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Puerto Rican Arrival in New York: Narratives of the Migration, 1920–1950
Flores, Juan

Subject: Caribbean, U.S. History

“First to disembark were passengers traveling first class, businessmen, well-to-do families, students. In second class, where I was, there were the emigrants, most of us tabaqueros, or cigar workers. . .”

Thus writes Bernardo Vega in this collection of engaging …

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Puerto Rico 1898: The War After the War
Picó, Fernando

Subject: Latin America, Caribbean

Picó’s text was originally published in Spanish in 1987, as one of several works written in the late-1990s marking the centennial of the Spanish-American-Cuban War of 1898 and its consequences for Puerto Rico. When the U.S. invaded Puerto Rico in …

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Reflections on a Puerto Rican Life: Benjy Lopez: A Picaresque Tale of Emigration and Return
Levine, Barry B.

Subject: Caribbean, World Literature

Hailed as a “masterpiece” in Newsweek magazine by Yale art historian Robert Ferris Thompson, the life history of Benjy Lopez is now available in an expanded edition which includes his return to and life in Puerto Rico as a successful …

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Removing a Badge of Slavery: The Record of Brown v. Board of Education
Whitman, Mark, editor

Subject: U.S. History

This compelling collection lets the reader come to grips with the fascinating record of a case in which facts have made a more thrilling story than fiction. The suit involved civil rights giants Thurgood Marshall and the leaders of the …

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Santiago Pérez Triana (1858–1916) Colombian Man of Letters and Crusader for Hemispheric Unity
Rausch, Jane

Subject: Latin Amerivan History, American History, World History, Biography,

The son of radical Colombian president Santiago Pérez Manosalbas, Pérez Triana was forced into exile after a scandal involving his business ventures, fleeing over the Andes and down three rivers to the Atlantic and a new life in the …

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Somoza and the Legacy of U.S. Involvement in Central America
Diederich, Bernard

Subject: Caribbean, Latin America, Us History

This engaging story of Nicaragua’s notorious tyrant is more than a biography. Solidly written for a general as well as scholarly audience, it paints a portrait of the man against a backdrop of Nicaragua’s political structure, social circumstance, and economic …

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The Bear and the Porcupine: The US and Mexico
Davidow, Jeffrey

Subject: Latin America, U.S. History

Jeffrey Davidow coined the phrase “the bear and the porcupine”—which has now entered Mexican political discourse—to describe the difficult relationship between the hypersensitive Mexican “porcupine” and the “insensitive” American bear.

In this revised and expanded second edition, Davidow picks up …

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The Biography of Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua: His Passage from Slavery to Freedom in Africa and America
Law, Robin and Paul E. Lovejoy

Subject: Africa, U.S. History, Latin America, Caribbean, History of Slavery

This is the biography of an American slave who was born in Africa. His adventures took him to Rio de Janeiro, New York, Boston, Canada, and Britain; he knew Arabic, Dendi, probably Hausa, Portuguese, English, and French. In recent times …

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