Subject: World History

History: The Last Things Before The Last
Kracauer, Siegried , Kristeller, Paul Oskar

Subject: European History

“The late Siegfried Kracauer was best known as a historian and critic of the cinema. His main intellectual preoccupation during the last years of his life was the relation between past and present, and the relation between histories in different …

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Human Drama Series, Volumes I through IV
Johnson, Jean and Donald Johnson

Subject: Text Books, World History

In this four-part series, the authors present the development of humankind across cultures and economies, in a global manner from ancient times on, as a gigantic drama played out with the cradles of civilization as the stage. The past involves …

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Ibn Battuta in Black Africa
Ibn Battuta, Abu Abdalla (edited by Said Hamdun and Noël Q. King)

Subject: Africa, Middle East, World History

Abu Abdalla ibn Battuta (1304–1354) was one of the greatest travelers of pre-modern times. He traveled to Black Africa twice. He reported about the wealthy, multi-cultural trading centers of the African East coast, such as Mombasa and Kilwa, and the …

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Ibn Fadlan’s Journey To Russia: A Tenth-Century Traveler From Baghdad to the Volga River
Frye, Richard N., editor

Subject: Asia, Europe, Middle East, Religion

This is the first English translation of the famous Risala, letters by the tenth-century traveler Ibn Fadlan, one of the great medieval travelers in world history, akin to Ibn Battuta. Ibn Fadlan was an Arab missionary sent by the Caliph …

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Ivies in Athens: The Deep Bond Between Two Great Sporting Traditions: The Olympic Games and The Ivy League
Bashivi, Jay V.

Subject: U.S. History, World History

This remarkable history gives light to the Ivy League’s role in the fabric of the Olympic Games— thrilling victories, disappointing defeats, and enduring stories, topped off by a rare all-time index of Ivy League Olympians. The relationship between Ivy League …

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Japan’s Economy: A Bibliography of Its Past and Present
Wray, William D.

Subject: Asia

This useful bibliography covers Early Modern Japan (Tokugawa period through the Restoration era), Modern Japan (1868-1945, World War II, the Occupation and Postwar eras) and Contemporary Japan.

Life in a Haitian Valley
Herskovits, Melville J. (introduction by Sidney W. Mintz)

Subject: Caribbean

This book is a precious document in the intellectual history of the black Americas. Its author was surely the first academically respectable white scholar to take seriously the cultural achievements of Afro-Americans, throughout the hemisphere. His influence is still keenly …

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Massacre Averted: An Armenian Town, An American Nurse, and the Turkish Army They Resisted
Super, Mary (edited by Nancy Klancher)

Subject: Europe, Middle East

Between 1920 and 1923, American relief workers managed to prevent the massacre of three hundred Armenian orphans at the hands of Turkish and Kurdish troops. One of them, a nurse, kept a diary that illuminated in dramatic detail the struggle …

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Medieval West Africa: Views from Arab Scholars and Merchants
Levtzion, Nehemiah and Jay Spaulding, editors

Subject: Africa

This book tells the story of West Africa south of the Sahara from the ninth to the fourteenth century from the viewpoint of Arab geographers, historians, and travelers. The first reports in written Arabic sources deal with urban west African …

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Memoirs of a Janissary
Mihailović, Konstantin (edited by Svat Soucek; translated by Benjamin Stolz)

Subject: Europe, Middle East

Konstantin Mihailović, born a Christian Serb in the early 15th century, was kidnapped by Ottoman Turks and brought to Anatolia, where he was trained as a Janissary — a member of the elite corps of the Ottoman army made up …

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