Subject: World History

The Chinese in the Caribbean
Wilson, Andrew, editor

Subject: Asia, Caribbean, World History

The history of the Caribbean is a history of migrations. The peoples of the region came as conquerors and planters, slaves and indentured laborers from all parts of the globe. Each group contributed to the social fabric, culture, and commerce …

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The Cold War in Europe: Era of a Divided Continent
Maier, Charles S., editor

Subject: Europe, World History

Now that the Cold War is over, this book is especially timely: it analyzes and summarizes the events that ushered in an epoch of history nearly fifty years ago, and provides an analysis of the forces that were suppressed or …

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The Golden Age of Islam
Lombard, Maurice

Subject: Middle East, Religion

In this book, Maurice Lombard portrays the Islamic world as the center of civilization at a time when the West was primitive and backward. Its reach extended from Córdoba to Samarkand, and it maintained and developed the tradition of wealth, …

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The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century
Bovill, E. W.

Subject: Africa, World History

“This book is the liveliest account of African history ever written, covering over [one] thousand years of trans-Saharan trade.

“Finely written and researched. … This edition will no doubt whet the appetites of a fresh generation of scholars and students …

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The Heritage of Central Asia: From Antiquity to the Turkish Expansion
Frye, Richard N.

Subject: Asia

Central Asia in ancient and medieval times was the crossroads of civilization, connecting China with the West. What we now call Central Asia was part of the empires conquered by Cyrus, Alexander the Great, Timur, and their successors during antiquity …

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The History of a Slave
Johnston, H. H. (edited by Paul E. Lovejoy)

Subject: Africa, History of Slavery

In 1889, the British colonial official Sir Harry Johnston published The History of a Slave, a story of an archetypal slave based on Johnston’s extensive knowledge of North and West Africa from his travels there. The tale follows the fictitious …

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The History of African Cities South of the Sahara: From the Origins to Colonization
Coquery-Vidrovitch, Catherine (translated by Mary Baker)

Subject: Africa

Outstanding Academic Book of the Year 2005, CHOICE Magazine

Cities have existed in sub-Saharan Africa since antiquity. But only now are historians and archaeologists rediscovering their rich heritage: the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe and Congo, the harbor …

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The History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks
Çelebi, Kâtip (edited by Svatopluk Soucek)

Subject: Middle East, World History

The book at its simplest level is fast-moving adventure story.The book at its simplest level is fast-moving adventure story. It is a breathtaking lesson in the geography and history of that period in which the Ottoman Turks swept past …

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The Islamic Middle East and Japan: Perceptions, Aspirations, and the Birth of Intra-Asian Modernity
Worringer, Renée, editor

Subject: Asia, Middle East, Religion, World history

Iranian and Ottoman travelers to Japan in the late nineteenth century found a model to admire — a culture that was beginning to take its place in the modern world without sacrificing its traditional culture. Their admiration was bolstered when …

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The Island of Cuba: A Political Essay
von Humboldt, Alexander (additional sections by Luis Martínez-Fernández and Frank Argote-von Freyre; translated by Shelley Frisch)

Subject: Caribbean

Winner of the Lydia Cabrera Award

This book remains an up-to-date and engrossing document more than one hundred fifty years after its initial publication. The Island of Cuba is a key source for studies of 19th-century Cuba and …

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