Subject: World History

Women in the Islamic World: From Earliest Times to the Arab Spring
Schneider, Irene (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Middle Eastern Studies, Women Studies, Religion, World History

This book describes and analyzes the different roles women have played in the Islamic world, past and present. Starting with Sharia regulations and their applications in societies throughout history, Schneider observes and pinpoints the obstacles and opportunities women …

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Women’s Voices on Africa: A Century of Travel Writings
Romero, Patricia W.

Subject: Africa, Women's History

In African Women: A Historical Panorama, Patricia W. Romero seeks to address what she perceives as a gap in existing scholarship on the history of African women, namely a lack of personalisation and case studies in accounts of women who …

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World History: Global and Local Interactions


This volume provides the fullest report on new world history research to date. In clear and lively prose, thirteen specialists in world history present their findings in three interconnected sections: the politics of empires and nations, the patterns of global …

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Zionism: A Brief History
Brenner, Michael (translated by Shelley Frisch)

Subject: Middle East, Religion, World History

This book explores the origins of Zionism within Jewish tradition, the variety of Zionist ideologies, and the political circumstances that fostered this movement. Jewish immigration to Palestine, shifting British policies, Arab reactions to Jewish settlements, and the impact of the …

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