Jihad: A History in Documents (2016 Expanded Edition)

Jihad coverjpg

This updated and expanded 2016 edition of the classic text on Muslim thinking about war and peace features new chapters on jihad after 9/11, including translations and analyses of fatwas from ISIS and al-Qaeda.

“Helps us understand the wider social and moral senses of jihad.” — Library Journal

“Peters highlights the historical development of the concept [of jihad]. … The book is meant for a general audience. Indeed, by having these translations together, this book makes a handy reader.” — Journal of Near Eastern Studies

“Six Islamic texts are presented, which compiler Peters has translated. … These texts are followed by two well-written articles by Peters. … This is a very valuable work for all who wish to understand the meaning, importance, and practice of jihad for Muslims today, as well as in the past. Highly recommended.” — Choice



Rudolph F. Peters, of the University of Amsterdam, is the director of the Netherlands Institute in Cairo. He is the author of Islam and ColonialismCrime and Punishment in Islamic Law: Theory and Practice from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-First Century; and other works.