Japanese History and Culture from Ancient to Modern Times: Seven Basic Bibliographies


A collection of seven bibliographies on Japanese history and culture from ancient to modern times. It should be useful as a research list, and seeks to include many unusual, elusive and valuable sources.

“An imagination and comprehensive guide o Japanese history and culture, as valuable to the expert as to the beginner; a bibliography that can be read as well as used, for it leaves almost nothing out.” —Carol Gluck, Columbia University

“The selection and accuracy of the citations are excellent… Dower’s selection of English-language primary sources includes many unusual, elusive but valuable sources, and is the book’s strongest features.” —Choice

John W. Dower, a professor of history at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of War Without Mercy and numerous other books and articles.

Timothy S. George, a previous Fulbright grant recipient, now teaches history at University of Rhode Island and is a current visiting professor at Harvard University.