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Harem Ghosts: What One Cemetery Can Tell Us About the Ottoman Empire
Brookes, Douglas Scott, Ziyrek Ali

Subject: Middle East, Ottoman Empire

“Since 1840 countless visitors to Turkey’s metropolis have passed this beautiful building and its garden graveyard without, it seems to me, realizing the gems of architecture and culture that await discovery within its dignified walls. Now, over a century-and-a-half after …

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The Heritage of Central Asia: From Antiquity to the Turkish Expansion
Frye, Richard N.

Subject: Asia

Central Asia in ancient and medieval times was the crossroads of civilization, connecting China with the West. What we now call Central Asia was part of the empires conquered by Cyrus, Alexander the Great, Timur, and their successors during antiquity …

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The Hidden Dimensions of Annual Reports: Sixty Years of Social Conflict at General Motors
Neimark, Marilyn K.

Subject: Accounting, U.S. History

Do annual reports ensure corporate accountability? Will they meet the information needs of the 21st century? No, according to Professor Marilyn Neimark. Annual reports are permeated by conflicts of interest on the part of the managements that prepare them and …

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Hidden Lives of Jews and Africans: Underground Societies in the Iberian Atlantic World
Schorsch, Jonathan

Subject: Caribbean, Jewish Studies, Afro-Latino, Religion

“A real tour de force” –Reviews in History

“Schorsch introduces a cast of characters in a series of one-act plays, short stories, and extended mediations that describe particular engagements with what it meant to live between identities.” –Journal of …

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Hildegard of Bingen: Healing and the Nature of the Cosmos
Schipperges, Heinrich (translated by John A. Broadwin)

Subject: Europe, Religion

Hildegard of Bingen’s contemporaries called her “prophetissa teutonica,” honoring her philosophical writings and interpretation of the cosmos. Medievalists still consider her one of the leading mystics, and point to her active spiritual and artistic life in the twelfth century as …

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Hinduism and Islam in India: Caste, Religion, and Society from Antiquity to Early Modern Times
Desika Char, S. V. (edited by Noel Q. King)

Subject: Asia, Religion

While there are numerous books on Islam and the West, this analysis of Islam takes a novel approach by focusing on the Hindu perspective. Islam and Hinduism co-existed in India for hundreds of years, dominating, suppressing, and influencing one another.

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Historical Perspectives on Puerto Rican Survival in the United States
Rodriguez, Clara E. and Virginia Sánchez Korrol, editors

Subject: Caribbean, U.S. History

This collection was originally developed as an interdisciplinary reader for Puerto Rican Studies courses under the title The Puerto Rican Struggle: Essays on Survival in the U.S. It is being reissued with updated commentary because of its continuing relevance to …

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Historical Problems of Imperial Africa (Expanded and Updated Edition)
Burnes, James and Robert O. Collins

Subject: African History Textbook

“Carefully edited . . . represents a great variety of points of view.” — Choice

This book is designed to inform, engage, and stimulate discussions among its readers. Collins and his collaborators have included authoritative statements and analysis by renowned …

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History and Histories in the Caribbean
Bremer, Thomas and Ulrich Fleischmann, editors

Subject: Caribbean

A collection of interdisciplinary essays highlighting the historiographical skepticism that characterizes postmodernist approaches and addressing particular problems related to colonial history and its source material. The topics covered are Colonial History and its traps, Oral History and Hidden Discourses, and …

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The History of a Slave
Johnston, H. H. (edited by Paul E. Lovejoy)

Subject: Africa, History of Slavery

In 1889, the British colonial official Sir Harry Johnston published The History of a Slave, a story of an archetypal slave based on Johnston’s extensive knowledge of North and West Africa from his travels there. The tale follows the fictitious …

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The History of African Cities South of the Sahara: From the Origins to Colonization
Coquery-Vidrovitch, Catherine (translated by Mary Baker)

Subject: Africa

Outstanding Academic Book of the Year 2005, CHOICE Magazine

Cities have existed in sub-Saharan Africa since antiquity. But only now are historians and archaeologists rediscovering their rich heritage: the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe and Congo, the harbor …

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The History of Islamic Theology
Nagel, Tilman (translated by Thomas Thornton)

Subject: Middle East, Religion

The book presents Muslim beliefs about God’s relationship to humans by drawing on relevant Islamic sources from Muhammad to modern times. In connection with the social and political history of Islam, the reader is introduced to the central ideas and …

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A History of Madagascar
Brown, Mervyn

Subject: Africa

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It is a unique blend of Asian and African culture and is well known as the home of some of the world’s most unusual and most endangered flora and fauna, from …

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History of Puerto Rico: A Panorama of Its People
Picó, Fernando

Subject: Caribbean

Updated and Expanded

Outstanding Academic Book of the Year, CHOICE Magazine

One of Puerto Rico’s leading historians, Fernando Picó has had tremendous influence over our currect understanding of Puerto Rican society. Here, he examines the ways in …

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History of the Caribbean: Plantations, Trade, and War in the Atlantic World
Moya Pons, Frank

Subject: Caribbean

“Frank Moya Pons, the authority on the history of the Dominican Republic, has written a classic.” — New West Indian Guide

“A clearly written and comprehensive narrative.” — HAHR: Hispanic American Historical Review

“A very good read. Historically sound, …

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The History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks
Çelebi, Kâtip (edited by Svatopluk Soucek)

Subject: Middle East, World History

The book at its simplest level is fast-moving adventure story.The book at its simplest level is fast-moving adventure story. It is a breathtaking lesson in the geography and history of that period in which the Ottoman Turks swept past …

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History of the Middle East
Halm, Heinz, Suraiya Faroqhi, Monika Gronke

Subject: Middle Eastern History, Textbook

The Arabs: A Short History by Heinz Halm

The Ottoman Empire: A Short History by Suraiya Faroqhi

Iran:A Short History by Monika Gronke

Now combined into a single volume, these three brief history texts provide a concise and eye-opening …

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History: The Last Things Before The Last
Kracauer, Siegried , Kristeller, Paul Oskar

Subject: European History

“The late Siegfried Kracauer was best known as a historian and critic of the cinema. His main intellectual preoccupation during the last years of his life was the relation between past and present, and the relation between histories in different …

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Holy City on the Nile: Omdurman During the Mahdiyya, 1885–1898
Kramer, Robert S.

Subject: Africa, Religion, Middle East

The late 19th century of the Common Era also marked the end of the 13th Islamic century, a time when millions of Muslims—especially in sub-Saharan Africa—fervently expected the arrival of a Mahdi, a “divinely guided one,” who would fill the …

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The Horrors of Slavery and Other Writings by Robert Wedderburn
Wedderburn, Robert (edited by Iain MacCalman)

Subject: Caribbean

Robert Wedderburn was one of the first promoters of black power by revolutionary force, if necessary. His publications had an enormous impact in his time. The Horrors of Slavery is a vivid record of the history, ideas, and rhetoric of …

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Human Drama Series, Volumes I through IV
Johnson, Jean and Donald Johnson

Subject: Text Books, World History

In this four-part series, the authors present the development of humankind across cultures and economies, in a global manner from ancient times on, as a gigantic drama played out with the cradles of civilization as the stage. The past involves …

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Human Rights Policy of the Organization of American States in Latin America: Philanthropic Endeavors or the Exploitation of an Ideal?
Dykmann, Klaas

Subject: Latin America

This book provides a historical analysis of the human rights policy of the Organization of American States (OAS) between 1970 and 1991. It offers new insights based on extensive research in archives and expert interviews in various countries. A description …

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