Historical Problems of Imperial Africa (Expanded and Updated Edition)

Collins Vol II front cover“Carefully edited . . . represents a great variety of points of view.”

This book is designed to inform, engage, and stimulate discussions among its readers. Collins and his collaborators have included authoritative statements and analysis by renowned scholars. A distinctive characteristic of the whole anthology is the range of interpretations of classic and recent research. The book offers a full spectrum of emotionally charged theories. Each section presents a set of conflicting arguments to show the state of debates on these highly controversial issues. Extensive commentary by the editors leads the reader through this treasury of  theories and dramatically highlights the development of the field.

Now extensively revised and updated by James M. Burns, this volume, part of a fascinating series, includes new documents and contributors and divided into six parts covering the following topics:
– The partition of Africa
– Colonial rule in Africa
– Colonial rule and ethnic identity
– Colonialism and the African environment
– African nationalism
– “Exploitation or development?”

Other titles in the “Problems in African History” series, edited by Robert O.Collins and co-editors:
• Volume I – Problems in African History: The Precolonial Centuries (Updated in 2014 by Ruth Iyob)
• Volume III – Problems of the History of Modern Africa

James M. Burns, Clemson University, is a specialist in African history and the social history of film. He is the co-author with Robert O. Collins of A History of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Robert O. Collins, University of California, Santa Barbara, was the author or editor of over twenty books on African history, including Africa: A Short History as well as editor of the reader of primary sources Documents of the African Past.