Subject: Jewish Studies

Afro-Jewish Encounters: From Timbuktu to the Indian Ocean and Beyond
Miles, William F.

Subject: African History, Jewish Studies,Religion

“[Miles’ book] is compelling. It examines the Jewish presence in Africa and the history of interaction between Jews and Africans … it is also a wise rumination on the nature of cultural exchange and religious tolerance. ” — Foreign …

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Allrightniks Row: “Haunch Paunch and Jowl”
Ornitz, Samuel (introduction by Gabriel Miller)

Subject: World Literature, US History, World History

This turn-of-the-century novel portrays people born in the tenements around Hester Street who fight their way out of the slums to make it to the fashionable Allrightniks Row. Its colorful characters include the narrator of the story, a corrupt judge …

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America in the Eyes of the Germans: An Essay on Anti-Americanism
Diner, Dan (foreword by Sander Gilman; translated by Allison Brown)

Subject: U.S. History, World History

The author presents a short history of a rather complex idea that began around the year 1800. Though the United States was often viewed by the people of Germany as a land of opportunity, a portion of the intelligentsia, with …

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By the Waters of Manhattan
Reznikoff, Charles (introduction by Milton Hindus)

Subject: Europe, U.S. History, World Literature

This is the first novel of Charles Reznikoff, one of the outstanding American poets of this century. It tells the story of a courageous woman in Russia who immigrates to America and starts a family and business in New York’s …

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Dr. Moritz (Don Mauricio) Hochschild, 1881–1965: A German Jewish Mining Entrepreneur in South America
Waszkis, Helmut (edited by Heinrich Schipperges)

Subject: South America

The colorful life and activities of Dr. Moritz Hochschild in Latin America between 1911 and 1965 are the center of the first biography of the man, an important mining entrepreneur and ore buyer, and his companies. Moritz Hochschild became one …

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Family Chronicle: An Odyssey from Russia to America
Reznikoff, Charles

Subject: Europe, U.S. History

This remarkably moving and often funny saga becomes the collective memoir of the celebrated American poet and his family. Drawing upon the childhood stories of his parents, the author weaves together narratives that portray life in 19th-century provincial Russia, capture …

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From Marxism to Judaism: Collected Essays of Will Herberg
Herberg, Will

Subject: Religion

This is the first book of essays by Will Herberg. His writings have had a major impact on American intellectual and political thought. They represent milestones of a spectrum of ideological stances, comprising American Marxism and conservatism as well as …

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From Plotzk to Boston: A Young Girl’s Journey from Russia to the Promised Land
Antin, Mary (edited by Pamela S. Nadell)

Subject: Europe, U.S. History, Jewish Studies

From Plotzk to Boston was written while the memory of the journey was still fresh, when Mary Antin was just 13 years old. She describes her family’s frightening and exciting journey to America in the 1890s. Like thousands of other …

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Germany and the Middle East: 1871–1945
Schwanitz, Wolfgang G., editor

Subject: Europe, Middle East

Before World War II, Germany intended to set up a greater Arabia under the influence of the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan. But the war changed everything. Now the Middle East became a potential battlefield at the crossroads …

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Hidden Lives of Jews and Africans: Underground Societies in the Iberian Atlantic World
Schorsch, Jonathan

Subject: Caribbean, Jewish Studies, Afro-Latino, Religion

“A real tour de force” –Reviews in History

“Schorsch introduces a cast of characters in a series of one-act plays, short stories, and extended mediations that describe particular engagements with what it meant to live between identities.” –Journal of …

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