Subject: Jewish Studies

Passage from Home: The Erotic Awakening of a Young Intellectual
Rosenfeld, Isaac (edited by Jonathan D. Sarna; introduction by Mark Shechner)

Subject: World Literature

This outstanding family novel, set in a Jewish neighborhood of Chicago, is “the fullest articulation of the generational conflict between Jewish fathers and [sins],” writes Alexander Bloom in his 1986 book Prodigal Sons. The central character, a 15-year-old boy in …

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Ravensbrück: Everyday Life in a Women’s Concentration Camp, 1939-45
Morrison, Jack G.

Subject: Europe

Attempting to reconstruct the workings of everyday life in the concentration camp at Ravensbrück, the only camp in the Nazi system designed for women, Morrison examines the prisoners’ social relationships with each other and their overlords; prisoner activities, from bartering …

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The Chosen People
Nyburg, Sidney Lauer

Subject: U.S. History, World Literature

This book is the fictionalization of a true class conflict in Baltimore’s textile industry at the turn of the century. The strike around which the story is centered involved religious leaders, Christian social workers, and the local gentry.



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The Levant: A Fractured Mosaic
Harris, William

Subject: Middle East: Israel/Palestine/Levant, World History

One of the “10 Must-Read Books on the Evolution of Terrorism in the Middle East” — The Wall Street Journal

In the wake of the November terrorist attack in Paris, the Wall Street Journal asked several experts for book recommendations …

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The Rabbi of Bacherach and Other Stories
Heine, Heinrich (illustrated by Max Liebermann; edited by Elizabeth Petuchowski)

Subject: Religion. Jewish Studies, European Studies Literature

The book includes two stories by Heinrich Heine, “The Rabbi of Bacherach” and “Shylock,” as well as the poem “Hebrew Melodies.” This beautiful edition is illustrated with the lithographs of Max Liebermann, one of of the most prominent turn-of-the-century European …

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Tropical Diaspora: The Jewish Experience in Cuba
Levine, Robert S.

Subject: Caribbean, Jewish Studies ,History

.”a comprehensive and absorbing account of the travails of Cuban Jews… Cuba did not conform to the behavior of a classical dictatorship in its struggle to chart its own path, but perhaps it is this nonconformity that makes it such …

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Underground World of Secret Jews and Africans: Two Tales of Sex, Magic, and Survival in Colonia Cartagena and Mexico City
Jonathan Schorsch


“This unique book should be read by scholars and students interested in the historical complexities of religious and racial identity and power.”–Hispanic American Historical Review, August 2022

Spanish colonial society was divided into a caste system based on …

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Zionism: A Brief History
Brenner, Michael (translated by Shelley Frisch)

Subject: Middle East, Religion, World History

This book explores the origins of Zionism within Jewish tradition, the variety of Zionist ideologies, and the political circumstances that fostered this movement. Jewish immigration to Palestine, shifting British policies, Arab reactions to Jewish settlements, and the impact of the …

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