From Marxism to Judaism: Collected Essays of Will Herberg

This is the first book of essays by Will Herberg. His writings have had a major impact on American intellectual and political thought. They represent milestones of a spectrum of ideological stances, comprising American Marxism and conservatism as well as Jewish and Christian theology, all of which were influenced by Herberg during his 50-year intellectual odyssey from Marxism to Judaism.

This book includes Herberg’s most widely-known essays on Jewish and Christian theology, religious life in America, church-state relations, and America’s civil religions. While some of these articles and essays were controversial in their original political intent, today they are a testimony to his intellectual brilliance and his commitment to humanity, universal values, a classic liberal-arts education, and mutual tolerance of all major religions.

Will Herberg, author, (1901-1977) was a regular contributor to liberal journals for many years, including Commentary, The Nation, and The New Republic.