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Napoleon in Egypt: Al-Jabarti’s Chronicle of the French Occupation of 1798 (Expanded Edition)
Al-Jabarti, Abd Al Raman

Subject: Africa, Europe, Middle East

Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt in 1798 was the first contact between a Western power with imperial goals and an ancient regime of an African society. Sheik Al-Jabarti’s chronicle is a unique combination of historical narration and reflection combined with daily …

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Al-Narshakhi’s The History of Bukhara
Narshakhi, Abu Bakr Muhammad (translated and edited by Richard N. Frye)

Subject: Middle East

Al-Narshakhi’s The History of Bukhara is unusual among histories of Middle Eastern cities because it provides a broad and perceptive overview of urban life of the time, as opposed to the standard biographies of religious leaders.

Richard Frye’s translation from …

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Nationalist Heroines: Puerto Rican Women History Forgot, 1930s-1950s
Jiménez de Wagenheim, Olga

Subject: Puerto Rican History, US History, Women's History, Caribbean History

From the moment the United States seized Puerto Rico, in 1898, to the 1950s, the islanders employed various forms of resistance to the imposition of American colonial rule. A group of Nationalists led by Pedro Albizu Campos made it clear …

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A New Deal for the Tropics: Puerto Rico During the Depression Era, 1932-1935
Rodriguez, Manuel

Subject: Latin America, U.S. History, Caribbean

In the 1930s, Puerto Rico was economically and culturally a nineteenth-century agrarian state dominated by sugar and coffee plantations. Then came the New Deal, and the island changed forever. Puerto Rico entered the twentieth century in every respect, including its …

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The New Face of Lebanon: History’s Revenge
Harris, William

Subject: Middle East

Outstanding Academic Book of the Year, CHOICE Magazine

Once known as the Switzerland of the Middle East, Lebanon in the late 1980s was considered a failed state: strife prevailed among Maronite Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, Druze, and Palestinians. Now, …

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New Intersections: Essays on Culture and Literature in the Post-Modern and Post-Colonial Condition
de Toro, Fernando

Subject: Latin America

These essays deliver innovative and valuable aspects for a new reading of parts of late nineteenth-century Latin American cultural critique, but above all of twentieth-century Modernist and Post-Modernist literary production.

New Intersections is a hard-hitting, argumentative collection of essays which …

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