New Intersections: Essays on Culture and Literature in the Post-Modern and Post-Colonial Condition

These essays deliver innovative and valuable aspects for a new reading of parts of late nineteenth-century Latin American cultural critique, but above all of twentieth-century Modernist and Post-Modernist literary production.

New Intersections is a hard-hitting, argumentative collection of essays which should be considered by all who are interested in the world after the demise of colonial domination and in the midst of the new reality of the paradox of imperial globalization and the world-wide rise of thousands of regionalisms, if not nationalisms.

Fernando de Toro is a professor in the English and Architecture departments at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, where he is also Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. De Toro has extensively published in diverse fields. Currently he is working on a project about the epistemological foundations of modern and postmodern architecture.