Subject: World Literature

Afro-Cuban Myths: Yemaya and Other Orishas
Lachatañeré, Romulo (translated by Christine Ayorinde; illustrated by Siegfried Kaden; introduction by Jorge Castellanos)

Subject: Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, World Literature

A moving collection of myths and tales, Afro-Cuban Myths was first published in 1938 under the title Oh, Mío Yemayá! These stories lead readers into a marvelous and magical world: the extraordinary imaginations of Afro-Cubans. Destined to become a classic …

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Aspects of Avicenna
Wisnovsky, Robert, editor

Subject: Middle East, Religion, World Literature

The philosopher and physician Abû ‘Alî al-Husayn ibn ‘Abdallâh ibn Sînâ (d. 1037 c.e.), known in the West by his Latinized name Avicenna, was one of the most influential thinkers of the Islamic and European Middle Ages. Yet for a …

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By the Waters of Manhattan
Reznikoff, Charles (introduction by Milton Hindus)

Subject: Europe, U.S. History, World Literature

This is the first novel of Charles Reznikoff, one of the outstanding American poets of this century. It tells the story of a courageous woman in Russia who immigrates to America and starts a family and business in New York’s …

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Cuban Legends
Bueno, Salvador (illustrations by Siegfried Kaden; translated by Christine Ayorinde)

Subject: Caribbean

This collection of Cuban legends, compiled by the renowned essayist and literary critic Salvador Bueno, brings readers the best of a time-honored tradition of storytelling in Cuba. These tales, passed on from generation to generation throughout the island, are here …

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From Plotzk to Boston: A Young Girl’s Journey from Russia to the Promised Land
Antin, Mary (edited by Pamela S. Nadell)

Subject: Europe, U.S. History, Jewish Studies

From Plotzk to Boston was written while the memory of the journey was still fresh, when Mary Antin was just 13 years old. She describes her family’s frightening and exciting journey to America in the 1890s. Like thousands of other …

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Human Drama Series, Volumes I through IV
Johnson, Jean and Donald Johnson

Subject: Text Books, World History

In this four-part series, the authors present the development of humankind across cultures and economies, in a global manner from ancient times on, as a gigantic drama played out with the cradles of civilization as the stage. The past involves …

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Islamic Art and Literature
Grabar, Oleg and Cynthia Robinson, editors

Subject: Middle East, Religion

Edited by Oleg Grabar, one of the leading experts in Islamic art history, along with Cynthia Robinson, this book breaks new ground in the field of Middle Eastern art history.

While illuminated manuscripts from Persia and the Arab world are …

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Land of Enchanters: Egyptian Short Stories from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
Lewis, Bernard and Stanley Burstein, editors

Subject: Africa, World Literature, Middle East

Several civilizations have risen, flourished and fallen in the valley of the Nile, each with its own religion, language, culture, institutions and style of life. Yet beneath them all a certain basic unity persisted. In few fields can this continuity …

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Las Vanguardias Literarias en Mexico y la America Central: Bibliografia y Antologia Critica
Forster, Merlin H.

Subject: Latin America, World Literature

This book offers complete bibliographical information about the avant-garde in Mexico and Central America and a selection of critical essays about avant-garde movements.

Latin American Women’s Narrative: Practices and Theoretical Perspectives
Castro-Klarén, Sara

Subject: Latin America, World Literature

This volume, featuring texts in English and Spanish, deals with the works of major women writers in Spanish America and analyzes the novel, the short story, and testimonio writing of the second half of the twentieth century. It places their …

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