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Germany and the Middle East: 1871–1945
Schwanitz, Wolfgang G., editor

Subject: Europe, Middle East

Before World War II, Germany intended to set up a greater Arabia under the influence of the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan. But the war changed everything. Now the Middle East became a potential battlefield at the crossroads …

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Global Practice in World History: Advances Worldwide
Manning, Patrick, editor

Subject: World History

This volume presents the thinking and the activities of some of the most serious and successful practitioners of world history. The 15 contributors are experienced historians from ten countries dispersed across five continents. Their essays confirm the existence of an …

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The Golden Age of Islam
Lombard, Maurice

Subject: Middle East, Religion

In this book, Maurice Lombard portrays the Islamic world as the center of civilization at a time when the West was primitive and backward. Its reach extended from Córdoba to Samarkand, and it maintained and developed the tradition of wealth, …

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The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century
Bovill, E. W.

Subject: Africa, World History

“This book is the liveliest account of African history ever written, covering over [one] thousand years of trans-Saharan trade.

“Finely written and researched. … This edition will no doubt whet the appetites of a fresh generation of scholars and students …

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