Subject: Reviews

Born at the Battlefield of Gettysburg: An African-American Family Saga
Rinaldi, Harriette C.

Subject: African American History, Women's History, History of Slavery

“Tremendous! Part history, part detective story, and wholly good.” — Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The lives of Victor Chambers—who was born on the battlefield at Gettysburg to a runaway slave and later became an artist in Providence—and …

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Hidden Lives of Jews and Africans: Underground Societies in the Iberian Atlantic World
Schorsch, Jonathan

Subject: Caribbean, Jewish Studies, Afro-Latino, Religion

“A real tour de force” –Reviews in History

“Schorsch introduces a cast of characters in a series of one-act plays, short stories, and extended mediations that describe particular engagements with what it meant to live between identities.” –Journal of …

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History: The Last Things Before The Last
Kracauer, Siegried , Kristeller, Paul Oskar

Subject: European History

“The late Siegfried Kracauer was best known as a historian and critic of the cinema. His main intellectual preoccupation during the last years of his life was the relation between past and present, and the relation between histories in different …

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Islamic Art and Literature
Grabar, Oleg and Cynthia Robinson, editors

Subject: Middle East, Religion

Edited by Oleg Grabar, one of the leading experts in Islamic art history, along with Cynthia Robinson, this book breaks new ground in the field of Middle Eastern art history.

While illuminated manuscripts from Persia and the Arab world are …

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Nationalist Heroines: Puerto Rican Women History Forgot, 1930s-1950s
Jiménez de Wagenheim, Olga

Subject: Puerto Rican History, US History, Women's History, Caribbean History

From the moment the United States seized Puerto Rico, in 1898, to the 1950s, the islanders employed various forms of resistance to the imposition of American colonial rule. A group of Nationalists led by Pedro Albizu Campos made it clear …

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Pathetic Symphony: A Biographical Novel About Tchaikovsky
Mann, Klaus

Subject: World Literature

Like Mephisto, Pathetic Symphony is a novel about important artists and their milieu. Drawing his material from documented sources, and without ever distorting historical truth or sacrificing biographical accuracy for the sake of the narrative, Klaus Mann here presents a …

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Puerto Rico: An Interpretive History from Pre-Columbian Times to 1900
de Wagenheim, Olga Jiménez

Subject: Caribbean, Latin America, Puerto Rico

Because many of the documents and books about Puerto Rico have been written by the island’s colonizers, only the victors were celebrated. With this in mind, the author has expressly composed this book from the viewpoint of the colonized, suppressed, …

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Santiago Pérez Triana (1858–1916) Colombian Man of Letters and Crusader for Hemispheric Unity
Rausch, Jane

Subject: Latin Amerivan History, American History, World History, Biography,

The son of radical Colombian president Santiago Pérez Manosalbas, Pérez Triana was forced into exile after a scandal involving his business ventures, fleeing over the Andes and down three rivers to the Atlantic and a new life in the …

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Simón Bolívar: History and Myth
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Latin America

All over Latin America, and especially in the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez, Latin America’s liberator, Simón Bolívar, is a political idol and symbol of that continent’s new political self-confidence. The legends about him remain alive and have been the basis …

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The Kurds: A Modern History (2016 Edition)
Gunter, Michael

Subject: Middle Eastern History

“Professor Gunter’s easily accessible book offers readers an excellent state-of-the-art overview of Kurdish studies and reveals the continuities and violent ruptures that have shaped Kurdish history over the course of centuries.” — Hamit Borzarslan, École des hautes études en sciences …

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