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Ravensbrück: Everyday Life in a Women’s Concentration Camp, 1939-45
Morrison, Jack G.

Subject: Europe

Attempting to reconstruct the workings of everyday life in the concentration camp at Ravensbrück, the only camp in the Nazi system designed for women, Morrison examines the prisoners’ social relationships with each other and their overlords; prisoner activities, from bartering …

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Reflections on a Puerto Rican Life: Benjy Lopez: A Picaresque Tale of Emigration and Return
Levine, Barry B.

Subject: Caribbean, World Literature

Hailed as a “masterpiece” in Newsweek magazine by Yale art historian Robert Ferris Thompson, the life history of Benjy Lopez is now available in an expanded edition which includes his return to and life in Puerto Rico as a successful …

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Removing a Badge of Slavery: The Record of Brown v. Board of Education
Whitman, Mark, editor

Subject: U.S. History

This compelling collection lets the reader come to grips with the fascinating record of a case in which facts have made a more thrilling story than fiction. The suit involved civil rights giants Thurgood Marshall and the leaders of the …

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The Revolt of African Slaves in Iraq in the 3rd/9th Century
Popovic, Alexandre (introduction by Henry Louis Gates)

Subject: Africa, Middle East, History of Slavery

The revolt of African slaves in Iraq from 869 to 883 C.E.* – the revolt of the Zanj – was one of the great rebellions of world history and the first major uprising in the history of the African diaspora. …

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