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Old New Land
Herzl, Theodor (edited by Jacques Kornberg)

Subject: Middle East, World History, World Literature, Jewish Studies

The first publication of Old New Land in 1902 forever altered the world’s perception of the Middle East. The book was a nineteenth-century utopian blueprint for a modern state of Israel. There were Jewish settlers in Palestine, and zionist ideas …

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Olympia: Cult, Sport, and Ancient Festival
Sinn, Ulrich (translated by Thomas Thornton)

Subject: World History

In antiquity, Olympia stood for sports. A victory at the Olympic games led to lifelong honors and often to a political career and wealth. Alexander the Great and other kings and emperors as well as wealthy and powerful men and …

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Once Jews: Stories of Caribbean Sephardim
Goldish, Josette Capriles

Subject: Caribbean, Religion,Jeiwsh Studies

Honorable Mention, Latin American Jewish Studies Association (LAJSA) Book Award Committee

The phrase “I am Catholic, but I am Jewish” may seem contradictory to some, but in the Caribbean islands and the countries of the Caribbean periphery, there …

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One Frenchman, Four Revolutions: General Ferrand and the Peoples of the Caribbean
Picó, Fernando

Subject: Caribbean

This book is about the world in which the French general Marie-Louis Ferrand thrived and in which he ultimately lost his life. He can be seen as an overarching link between the four revolutions from 1775 to 1825 through which …

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The Ottoman Balkans, 1750–1830
Anscombe, Frederick F.

Subject: Europe, Middle East

“The decades after 1750 saw the Ottoman Empire undergo tremendous stresses that culminated in the first stirrings of nationalism among Christian subjects and an irrevocable commitment to reform by the Muslim state. By 1830, Serbs and Greeks had fought successfully …

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The Ottoman Empire: A Short History
Faroqhi, Suraiya (translated by Shelley Frisch)

Subject: Middle East

In a concise and colorful style, Suraiya Faroqhi lays out the history of one of the most powerful empires of the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern era. At its height, the Ottoman Empire spread over three continents and …

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