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Kabul Under Siege: Fayz Muhammad’s Account of the 1929 Uprising
Muhammad, Fayz (translated by R. D. McChesney)

Subject: Middle East

In January 1929, the reigning monarch of Afghanistan, Amir Aman Allah Khan, was driven from his capital by a former soldier turned outlaw. The uprising was a response to the ruler’s attempts to modernize the tribal culture of Afghanistan. Kabul, …

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The Kingdom of Kush
Welsby, Derek A.

Subject: Africa

When Rome was a small village and the Greek city-states held sway over minuscule territories, the Kushites ruled an empire stretching from central Sudan to the borders of Palestine. During the eighth and seventh centuries B.C.E., its rulers controlled Egypt …

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Kitsch Tropical: Los medios en la literatura y el arte en América Latina
Santos, Lidia

Subject: Latin America

Named the Best Book on Brazilian Studies 2006 by the Latin American Studies Association

“Santos takes a keen look at the way mass culture has influenced artistic production in Latin America during the past 40 years. Santos maintains …

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The Kurds: A Divided Nation in Search of a State (2019 Edition)
Gunter Michael M.

Subject: Middle Eastern History, Middle East

Donald Trump betrayed the Kurds, America’s most reliable allies in the fight against ISIS, by announcing in a tweet that US troops would withdraw from Syria. Betrayal is nothing new in Kurdish history, especially by Western powers. The Kurds, a …

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The Kurds: A Modern History (2016 Edition)
Gunter, Michael

Subject: Middle Eastern History

“Professor Gunter’s easily accessible book offers readers an excellent state-of-the-art overview of Kurdish studies and reveals the continuities and violent ruptures that have shaped Kurdish history over the course of centuries.” — Hamit Borzarslan, École des hautes études en sciences …

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