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East Africa and the Indian Ocean
Alpers, Edward A.

Subject: Africa, World History

For centuries, East Africa has played a central role within the Indian Ocean world. The Arabs built the first trade networks there; these were laid siege to by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, followed by British colonialists in the …

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Empire, Enslavement and Freedom in the Caribbean
Craton, Michael

Subject: Africa, Caribbean

The author describes and explains the origins of West Indian slave plantations, plantocracies, and the relationship between plantocrats and Amerindians. He then examines the African background of Caribbean slavery, depicts slave lives and behavior, and discusses modern perceptions of slavery …

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Eunuchs and Castrati: A Cultural History
Scholz, Piotr (translated by Shelley L. Frisch)

Subject: World History

This fascinating study of eunuchs guides readers as they travel through various lands and periods, familiarizing themselves with the duties and responsibilities, the unspeakable torments, and the passions and joys of these individuals. Eunuchs were not simply “bedchamber attendants,” as …

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Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence in Internal Auditing
O'Leary, Daniel E. and Paul R. Watkins

Subject: Accounting

This monograph provides an analysis of the use of expert systems (ES) and artificial intelligence (AI) by internal auditors, focusing on some of the key issues in verification and validation of expert systems. The authors describe a survey of over …

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