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Table of Contents of Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes

Foreword by Graham Greene
New Preface by Bernard Diederich

Chapter 1. Election Day
Chapter 2. History
Chapter 3. The Country
Chapter 4. Duvalier — The Early Years
Chapter 5. The Formative Years
Chapter 6. Birth of a Politician
Chapter 7. Magloire
Chapter 8. The Campaign
Chapter 9. The Shaky Start
Chapter 10. The New Dictator
Chapter 11. Sneak Elections and US Aid
Chapter 12. The Dictator Unmasked to the World
Chapter 13. US Challenges Papa Doc
Chapter 14. The Deadline Passes
Chapter 15. Invasions Fail
Chapter 16. President for Life
Chapter 17. The Guerrilla Challenge
Chapter 18. Seeking a New Image and the Press
Chapter 19. Communism Comes of Age
Chapter 20. Voudou Is His Arm
Chapter 21. The Year Ten
Epilogue (August 1971)