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Table of Contents of From Berber State to Moroccan Empire: The Glory of Fez Under the Marinids

From Berber State to Moroccan Empire
List of Ilustrations
Preface to the Second Edition
I. The Berbers’ Search for Their Place in Islamic History
Chapter 1.An Unknown Source for the History of the Berbers
Chapter 2.The Myth of the Berbers’ origin
Chapter 3.Acculturation and Its Aftermath: The Legacy of the Andalusian Berbers
II. Devising an Islamic State
Chapter 4.Rural and Urban Islam in 13th-century Morocco
Chapter 5.Out with Jewish Courtiers, Physicians, Tax Collectors and Minters
Chapter 6.The Fall of the kha†•b Ab¥ ’l-Fa∂l al-Mazdagh•
III. Implementing Islamic Institutions
Chapter 7.The Introduction of the Medresas
Chapter 8.Royal Waqf in 14th-century Fez
Chapter 9.The State’s Domain: Land and Taxation
IV. Trade and the Mediterranean World
Chapter 10.Mar•nid Fez and the Quest for Global Order
Appendix A
Appendix B