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Reviews of Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes

“A detailed exposé of the evil incarnate in Duvalier’s rule … Shakedowns of foreign businessmen, and their governments, are shown to be commonplace … Torture … sometimes directed by the dictator himself … emerges as the cement to hold the police state together … The frustrating counterpoint to this terror story is the tale of how Duvalier has undone United States policy and humiliated Washington.” — The Washington Post

“A truly revealing book.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Bernard Diederich and Al Burt chronicle in such detail and with such unpatronizing level-headedness.” — The New York Times

“With its original (ca. 1969) foreword by Graham Greene and a new, sober preface by Diederich, the reprint of Papa Doc and the Tontons Macoutes … remains the classic journalistic account of the period.” — New West Indian Guide