Subject: History of Slavery

One Frenchman, Four Revolutions: General Ferrand and the Peoples of the Caribbean
Picó, Fernando

Subject: Caribbean

This book is about the world in which the French general Marie-Louis Ferrand thrived and in which he ultimately lost his life. He can be seen as an overarching link between the four revolutions from 1775 to 1825 through which …

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Removing a Badge of Slavery: The Record of Brown v. Board of Education
Whitman, Mark, editor

Subject: U.S. History

This compelling collection lets the reader come to grips with the fascinating record of a case in which facts have made a more thrilling story than fiction. The suit involved civil rights giants Thurgood Marshall and the leaders of the …

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Shaihu Umar: A Novel About Slavery in Africa
Balewa, Sir Abubakar Tafawa, Alhaji (edited by Beverly Mack; translated by Mervyn Hiskett)

Subject: Africa, World Literature, History of Slavery

Northern Nigeria, just before the turn of the century: a time of unrest and civil war, when the trans-Saharan slave trade still flourished. Against this turbulent backdrop is set the story of the Hausa, a black African people who practice …

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Slave Revolts in Puerto Rico: Conspiracies and Uprisings, 1795-1873
Baralt, Guillermo A.

Subject: Caribbean

Winner of the Puerto Rico PEN Club Award

From the emergence of the first sugar plantations up until 1873, when slavery was abolished, the wealth amassed by many landowners in Puerto Rico derived mainly from the exploitation …

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Slavery in the Islamic Middle East
Marmon, Shaun E., editor

Subject: Middle East, Religion

Slavery, recognized and regulated by Islamic law, was an integral part of Muslim societies in the Middle East well into modern times. Recruited from the “Abode of War” by means of trade or warfare, slaves began their lives in the …

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Slavery on the Frontiers of Islam
Lovejoy, Paul E., editor

Subject: Africa, Middle East, Religion,History of Slavery,Latin America

This collection of essays offers a new paradigm, in which the trans-Saharan and trans-Atlantic worlds of slavery are brought into focus under the same lens. While slave studies have considered either trans-Atlantic or Islamic slavery, rarely has any study combined …

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The African Diaspora in the Mediterranean Lands of Islam
Hunwick, John and Eve Troutt Powell, editors

Subject: Africa, Middle East, History of Slavery

For every gallon of ink that has been spilt on the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its consequences, only one very small drop has been spent on the study of the forced migration of black Africans into the Mediterranean world of …

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The African Experience in Spanish America
Rout, Leslie, Jr.

Subject: Africa, Latin America, History of Slavery

This pioneering book, a founding text of African diaspora studies, continues to hold a prominent place in any bibliography of its field and remains the only general history on the people of African descent in the Spanish-speaking nations of …

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The Bamana Empire by the Niger: Kingdom, Jihad, and Colonization, 1712-1920
Djata, Sundiata A. K.

Subject: Africa

The powerful Bamana state emerged in 1712 and centered around the Middle Niger, where most inhabitants were Bamanas with their own language and religion. It was a sophisticated society with nobles, casted groups, and slaves. The Bamanas built an empire …

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The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century
Bovill, E. W.

Subject: Africa, World History

“This book is the liveliest account of African history ever written, covering over [one] thousand years of trans-Saharan trade.

“Finely written and researched. … This edition will no doubt whet the appetites of a fresh generation of scholars and students …

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