Subject: History of Slavery

A Black Woman’s Civil War Memoirs
Taylor, Susie King (edited by Patricia W. Romero and Willie Lee Rose)

Subject: U.S. History

“These are the memoirs of a black woman who was born a slave, who had the good fortune to gain her freedom early in the war, with the education and ability to observe and the will to recall in later …

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A Black Woman’s Odyssey Through Russia and Jamaica: The Narrative of Nancy Prince
Prince, Nancy (introduction by Ronald Walters; edited by Patricia Romero)

Subject: Africa, Europe, U.S. History, Caribbean, History of Slavery, Women's History

Memories of Africa, pre-civil war New England, political turmoil in Russia, the end of slavery in Jamaica, and Caribbean pirates; an intrepid black woman experiences many turning points in world history.

Nancy Prince paints a blunt picture of the struggle …

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African Identity in Asia: Cultural Effects of Forced Migration
Jayasuriya, Shihan de Silva

Subject: Africa, Asia, History of Slavery

In contrast to the dispersion of slaves across the Atlantic, African movement to Asia has received scant attention because forced migrations across the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, which endured for centuries, were not part of a significant economic network.

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African Sites Archaeology in the Caribbean
Haviser, Jay B.

Subject: Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Archaeology

This book examines archaeological research about African peoples who were brought to the Caribbean, as well as their descendants in the twentieth century. These contributions cover a wide geographic sample of regions and range from Caribbean studies to individual investigations …

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Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology
Finley, Sir Moses I. (edited by Brent Shaw)

Subject: Europe, World History, History of Slavery, Latin America

Slaves have been exploited in most societies throughout human history. There have, however, been only five genuine slave societies, and of these, two were in antiquity: classical Greece and classical Italy. Here distinguished historian Sir Moses Finley examines those two …

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Blacks in Bondage: Letters of American Slaves
Starobin, Robert S., editor

Subject: U.S. History, Slavery

Written while enslaved or shortly after escape, the words recorded here express complexity and diversity of thought and feeling about slavery and being black. Blacks in Bondage is a landmark document in understanding the human side of history.


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Born at the Battlefield of Gettysburg: An African-American Family Saga
Rinaldi, Harriette C.

Subject: African American History, Women's History, History of Slavery

“Tremendous! Part history, part detective story, and wholly good.” — Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The lives of Victor Chambers—who was born on the battlefield at Gettysburg to a runaway slave and later became an artist in Providence—and …

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Busha’s Mistress: A Stirring Romance from the Days of Slavery in Jamaica
Perkins, Cyrus Francis (edited by Paul E. Lovejoy, Verene Shepherd and David Trotman)

Subject: Caribbean, World Literature

This is one of the earliest Caribbean novels written in English. The novel tells the story of Catherine, the slave concubine of a cruel white overseer on Greenside Estate, near Falmouth, whose ruins today attest to the tensions of a …

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Capoeira & Candomblé: Conformity and Resistance Through Afro-Brazilian Experience
Merrell, Floyd

Subject: Africa, South America, Religion

Capoeira is a unique music-dance-sport-play activity created by African slaves in Brazil, and Candomblé is a hybrid religion combining Catholic and African beliefs and practices. The two are closely interconnected. Capoeira and Candomblé have for centuries made up a coherent …

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Cuban Festivals: A Century of Afro-Cuban Culture
Bettelheim, Judith, editor

Subject: Caribbean

Bettelheim describes the secular rituals and celebrations of Cuban culture. The editor’s black-and-white photos shed additional light on these little-known rituals. This edition features the first English translation of the article “Afro-Cuban Festivals” by Afro-Cuban Studies founder Fernando Ortiz, complete …

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