Subject: Africa


Human Drama Series, Volumes I through IV
Johnson, Jean and Donald Johnson

Subject: Text Books, World History

In this four-part series, the authors present the development of humankind across cultures and economies, in a global manner from ancient times on, as a gigantic drama played out with the cradles of civilization as the stage. The past involves …

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Ibn Battuta in Black Africa
Ibn Battuta, Abu Abdalla (edited by Said Hamdun and Noël Q. King)

Subject: Africa, Middle East, World History

Abu Abdalla ibn Battuta (1304–1354) was one of the greatest travelers of pre-modern times. He traveled to Black Africa twice. He reported about the wealthy, multi-cultural trading centers of the African East coast, such as Mombasa and Kilwa, and the …

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Islamism in Morocco: Religion, Authoritarianism, and Electoral Politics
Zeghal, Malika (translated by George Holoch)

Subject: Africa, Middle East, Religion

French Selection for the PEN World Voices Literary Festival

Winner of the PEN America-France Award

Malika Zeghal analyzes the historical roots and recent evolution of Moroccan Islamist movements in the context of a new political system …

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Jews and Judaism in African History
Hull, Richard

Subject: Africa, Religion, Middle East, Jewish Studies

This timely book is the first to cover the history of Jews from the times of Alexander the Great and Caesar to Idi Amin and Nelson Mandela. Jews have often been a marginalized minority, yet they have played a role …

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Jews of a Saharan Oasis: The Elimination of the Tamantit Community
Hunwick, John

Subject: Africa, Religion, Jewish Studies, Middle East

“Jews spread out from Israel into northern Africa after the Roman destruction of much of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. and settled in Saharan oases. Although there was no love for Jews after the birth of Islam five centuries later, Muslim …

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Jews of Nigeria: An Afro-Judaic Odyssey
Miles, William F. S.

Subject: Africa, Religion, Jewish Studies

While Jews have long had a presence in Ethiopia and the Maghreb, Africa’s newest Jewish community of note is in Nigeria, where upwards of twenty thousand Igbos are commonly claimed to have adopted Judaism. Bolstered by customs recalling an Israelite …

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Lamu: History, Society, and Family in an East African Port City
Romero, Patricia

Subject: Africa, Women's History

This book depicts the history of Lamu, once an important East African port city but now known as an unspoiled tourist destination and scenic location for Hollywood movies.

Records from both the distant past and the more recent period give …

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Land of Enchanters: Egyptian Short Stories from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
Lewis, Bernard and Stanley Burstein, editors

Subject: Africa, World Literature, Middle East

Several civilizations have risen, flourished and fallen in the valley of the Nile, each with its own religion, language, culture, institutions and style of life. Yet beneath them all a certain basic unity persisted. In few fields can this continuity …

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Leo Frobenius on African History, Art, and Culture: An Anthology
Frobenius, Leo (edited by Eike Haberland; preface by Léopold Sédar Senghor)

Subject: Africa, Archaeology, Art History

Leo Frobenius’ pivotal works on African culture represented a landmark study in ethnography. His writings, when discovered by young African intellectuals studying in Europe in the early 1900s, reverberated throughout the community of Africans in search of cultural legitimacy. Frobenius …

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Life in a Haitian Valley
Herskovits, Melville J. (introduction by Sidney W. Mintz)

Subject: Caribbean

This book is a precious document in the intellectual history of the black Americas. Its author was surely the first academically respectable white scholar to take seriously the cultural achievements of Afro-Americans, throughout the hemisphere. His influence is still keenly …

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