Subject: Africa


Afro-Cuban Myths: Yemaya and Other Orishas
Lachatañeré, Romulo (translated by Christine Ayorinde; illustrated by Siegfried Kaden; introduction by Jorge Castellanos)

Subject: Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, World Literature

A moving collection of myths and tales, Afro-Cuban Myths was first published in 1938 under the title Oh, Mío Yemayá! These stories lead readers into a marvelous and magical world: the extraordinary imaginations of Afro-Cubans. Destined to become a classic …

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Afro-Jewish Encounters: From Timbuktu to the Indian Ocean and Beyond
Miles, William F.

Subject: African History, Jewish Studies,Religion

“[Miles’ book] is compelling. It examines the Jewish presence in Africa and the history of interaction between Jews and Africans … it is also a wise rumination on the nature of cultural exchange and religious tolerance. ” — Foreign …

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Amistad: A Hidden Network of Slavers and Merchants
Zeuske, Michael (translated by Steven Rendall)

Subject: Slavery, African History, Caribbean History, US History, African History

“This very readable book will be accessible to wide audiences, scholars specialized in slavery and Atlantic studies, and students at all levels. The story moves from the most well-known parts of this history (the Amistad case in popular history), …

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Ancient African Civilizations: Kush and Axum, Third Edition
Burstein, Stanley (editor)

Subject: Africa, World Literature, Archaeology

The first edition of this book provided teachers of African history, for the first time, with fully annotated translations of the most important Greek and Roman sources for the history of these two remarkable ancient African civilizations. The new edition …

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Beauty in Arabic Culture
Behrens-Abouseif, Doris

Subject: Middle East, Religion

Arabic Islamic thought allowed the development of autonomous norms of beauty that were independent of moral or religious criteria. The artistic work was viewed separately from the divine scheme and was free of metaphysical associations.

Beauty, however, had a significant …

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Between Pit and Pedestal: Women in the Middle Ages
Williams, Marty; Echols, Anne

Subject: European History, Women's History

“A fascinating and highly readable survey.” — Library Journal

“Crusader and concubine, laundress and troubadour, mystic and midwife and miniaturist, beguine and bondwoman and the bersatrix rocking the cradle of kings — all find their rightful place in this …

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Capoeira & Candomblé: Conformity and Resistance Through Afro-Brazilian Experience
Merrell, Floyd

Subject: Africa, South America, Religion

Capoeira is a unique music-dance-sport-play activity created by African slaves in Brazil, and Candomblé is a hybrid religion combining Catholic and African beliefs and practices. The two are closely interconnected. Capoeira and Candomblé have for centuries made up a coherent …

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Colonialism (Updated and Expanded Edition)
Osterhammel, Jürgen

Subject: World History

“Osterhammel (History, U. of Constance) argues that the global mercantile expansion of the European powers of the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries bears a marked resemblance to the political imperialism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Further, although there are …

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Corpus of Early Arabic Sources for West African History
Hopkins, J. F. P. and Nehemiah Levtzion, editors

Subject: Africa, Middle East

From the eighth century onwards, the Muslim townsfolk of North Africa were well aware that fifty stages away across the desert to the south lay a land inhabited by black people which was the source of gold, ivory …

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Darfur: The Long Road to Disaster (Updated 2008 Edition)
Burr, J. Millard and Robert O. Collins

Subject: Africa

Images of the genocide in Darfur have shocked the Western world; upwards of 300,000 of its inhabitants have died, and another 2.5 million have become refugees. Those affected by the violence are estimated at almost 4 million, 700,000 of whom …

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