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Toward Pearl Harbor: The Diplomatic Exchange Between Japan Japan and the United States, 1889-1941
Shaffer, Ralph editor

Subject: Japan, US History

On oil boycott was the crucial factor in the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was organized by the U.S. against Japan, which feared economic strangulation, and attacked Pearl Harbor as the culmination of a period of political, economic, and …

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The Travels of Ibn Battuta to Central Asia
Ibrahimovich, Ibrahimov Nemattula

Subject: Asia, Middle East

The original Travels of Ibn Battuta ranks high amongst the masterpieces of Arabic geographical literature and is of great significance in the understanding of the history of the peoples inhabiting the Central Asian states. In 1325, Ibn Battuta, a traveler …

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The Travels of Ibn Battuta to India, the Spice Islands, and China
Ibn Battuta, author; King, Noël Q., translator; Butters, Albion, M., editor

Subject: Middle Eastern History, World History, Asia, India, China, Religion

The era in which Ibn Baṭṭūṭa traveled to the East was exciting but turbulent, cursed by the Black Plague and the fall of mighty dynasties. His chronicle provides a first-hand account of increased globalization due to the rise of …

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The Travels of William Wells Brown
Brown, William Wells (edited by Paul Jefferson)

Subject: Slavery, American History

This is the remarkable story of two trips by a fugitive slave. One is the dramatic and poignant journey of a humiliated slave up the Mississippi to the North, into freedom. The second is a glorious voyage to Europe of …

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Tropical Diaspora: The Jewish Experience in Cuba
Levine, Robert S.

Subject: Caribbean, Jewish Studies ,History

.”a comprehensive and absorbing account of the travails of Cuban Jews… Cuba did not conform to the behavior of a classical dictatorship in its struggle to chart its own path, but perhaps it is this nonconformity that makes it such …

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Tropical Kitsch: Mass Media in Latin American Art and Literature
Santos, Lidia

Subject: Latin America

Named the Best Book on Brazilian Studies 2006 by the Latin American Studies Association

“Santos takes a keen look at the way mass culture has influenced artistic production in Latin America during the past 40 years. Santos …

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Trujillo: The Death of the Dictator
Diederich, Bernard

Subject: Caribbean

On May 30, 1961, a hail of bullets ended the life of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, known to his countrymen as “The Goat” for his many revolting excesses, after thirty-one years of brutal rule over the Dominican Republic.

This book …

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The Turning Point: The Autobiography of Klaus Mann
Mann, Klaus (introduction by Shelley Frisch)

Subject: Europe, World Literature

Klaus Mann, writer of Mephisto and the oldest son of Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann, describes the life of intellectuals in Europe before the Nazi seizure of power, then moves on to depict the restless existence of the often bohemian …

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Underground World of Secret Jews and Africans: Two Tales of Sex, Magic, and Survival in Colonia Cartagena and Mexico City
Jonathan Schorsch


“This unique book should be read by scholars and students interested in the historical complexities of religious and racial identity and power.”–Hispanic American Historical Review, August 2022

Spanish colonial society was divided into a caste system based on …

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Las Vanguardias Literarias en Mexico y la America Central: Bibliografia y Antologia Critica
Forster, Merlin H.

Subject: Latin America, World Literature

This book offers complete bibliographical information about the avant-garde in Mexico and Central America and a selection of critical essays about avant-garde movements.