Trujillo: The Death of the Dictator

On May 30, 1961, a hail of bullets ended the life of Generalissimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, known to his countrymen as “The Goat” for his many revolting excesses, after thirty-one years of brutal rule over the Dominican Republic.

This book is a riveting, minute-by-minute account of the plot to kill Trujillo, who was then the Western Hemisphere’s most ruthless dictator, and the ferocious wave of revenge that ensued before his regime collapsed. The book also reveals the vacillating role of the United States — and the CIA — in first propping up the dictator, and then supplying weapons to slay him.

Bernard Diederich knew most of those involved in the plot, and painstakingly recreates the events in a gripping book that reads like a novel, which also offers essential insights into the history of a troubled Caribbean nation.

Bernard Diederich worked for many years as the Time magazine correspondent in the Caribbean. A full list of his works featured by Markus Wiener can be found here.