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Table of Contents of Women in Caribbean History

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History, women and gender analysis

Chapter 1
Indigenous Caribbean women

Chapter 2
European women in the pre-emancipation period

Chapter 3
Enslaved women

Chapter 4
Free women of colour during slavery

Chapter 5
Adjustments to emancipation and socio-economic life in the 19th and 20th centuries

Chapter 6
Immigrant women in the post-slavery period

Chapter 7
On the move: women and emigration in the 19th and 20th centuries

Chapter 8
Women and political activities in the late 19th and 20th centuries



Migration route of indigenous peoples from across the Bering Straits

Caribbean migration patterns of indigenous peoples

Location of Maya civilisation

West African coast slave trading area

Primary emigrant areas in Southern China in the 19th century

Recruitment areas in India

Principal overseas indentured migrations, 1834-1919


Taino ornaments

Taino food and utensils

Taino pottery

Indigenous woman from British Guiana spinning cotton

Taino men prepare for a voyage

Kalinago men

Black Caribs from St Vincent, c. 1773

A Planter’s house

King’s House in Spanish Town, Jamaica, 1844

Lady Maria Nugent

Afternoon at the Titchfield Piazza in Jamaica

Slave auction

An enslaved woman in chains

Branding of an enslaved woman

Whipping of an enslaved woman

Sunday market in Antigua

Free coloureds in Dominica, 1770s

Free ”people of colour”

Date Tree Hall lodging, Jamaica

Poster advertising the services offered by Date Tree Hall

Free coloured woman on racecourse in Jamaica

Mary Seacole’s hotel in Crimea

Rachel Pringle

Mary Seacole

Ginger harvesting in Jamaica

Cane cutters

Mat-making at handicraft factory in Dominica

Making yippi yappe hats

Domestics with coconuts

Banana carriers

Cocoa harvest

Candy sellers

”Mending our ways”

Going to market

Jubilee market

Street hawker selling yarns, c. 1900

Domestic worker

Nanny with her charge, c. 1880

Nurse in Barbados, c. 1917

Chinese immigrants, 1854

Indian woman in Jamaica, late 19th century

Indian girl in Trinidad, 19th century

Group worship on the estate

Twenty-eight members of the ATS at the Colonial Office

Connie Marks at Up Park Camp

Odessa Gittens

Nelly Robinson

Gwen Tonge

Elma Francois

Ruth Ambrose

Edris James

Earnie Dyer

Lady Bustamante

Dame Doris Johnson

Muriel Weekes

Eugenia Charles

Janet Jagan

Amy Bailey

Amy Jaques Garvey

Edna Manley

Una Marson

Margaret Dyer-Howe

Mary Rose Tuitt

Audrey Jeffers