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Table of Contents of West Africa, Islam, and the Arab World


Part I: West Africa: Introduction to West Africa
1. Climate, Languages and People
Map: North and West Africa
2. Physical Features and Routes in the Period 800-1500
3. River Niger: North Africa’s Links with Sub-Saharan Africa

Part II: Islam: Islam in West Africa
4. Timbuktu: A Famous West African City of Islam and Arabic Writing
5. The Islamic Manuscript Heritage of Timbuktu

Part III: The Arab World
6. Arabic as the Latin of Africa
7. Non-Muslims and Muslims in the Arab World: Non-Muslims and Muslim Arabs in West Africa
8. Arab Views of Black Africans and Slavery
9. African-Arab Relations in the Twentieth Century

Part IV: Honor to Basil Davidson

Appendix I: The Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA)
Appendix II: Sudanic Africa: A Journal of Historical Sources
Appendix III: Conservation of West African Arabic Manuscripts
Appendix IV: Published Manuscripts