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Table of Contents of The Turning Point: The Autobiography of Klaus Mann

Introduction by Shelley L. Frisch
Chapter I. The Myths of Childhood (1906-1914)
Chapter II. War (1914-1919)
Chapter III. Civilized Education (1920-1922)
Chapter IV. Disorder and Early Sorrow (1922-1924)
Chapter V. The Devout Dance (1924-1927)
Chapter VI. “Rien que la Terre” (1927-1928)
Chapter VII. Europe (1928-1930)
Chapter VIII. Olympus
Chapter IX. The Writing on the Wall (1930-1932)
Chapter X. Exile (1933-1936)
Chapter XI. The Volcano (1936-1939)
Chapter XII. Decision (1940-1942)

An American Soldier Revisiting His Former Homeland

Index of Names