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Table of Contents of Trujillo: The Death of the Dictator

Author’s Note
Cast of Characters

1. The Death of the Goat
2. No Witnesses
3. A Tyrannicide Is Born
4. Caribbean Tempest
5. The Fellow Who Knows
6. Enter the CIA
7. Found: A Godfather
8. Such Good Women – So Defenseless
9. The Plot Quickens
10. Rehearsal for Assassination
11. An Ordinary Tuesday
12. The Hunt Is Up
13. The Snare Is Set
14. The Kill
15. A Corpse But No Coup d’Etat
16. General Pupo’s Lost Hour
17. Zacarias Shows Up
18. Pedro Livio Is All Right
19. No Connection
20. The Corpse Appears
21. The Arrest of Bishop Reilly
22. Ramfis’s Return
23. The Roundup
24. The Death of Antonio de la Maza
25. Interrogation
26. Traitor in the Family
27. Hacienda Maria Massacre
28. Aftermath

Persons Killed in the Aftermath of the Trujillo Assassination