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Table of Contents of Oppressed in the Lands



Fatwas and Muftis

Muslims under Non-Muslim Rule

Notes on These Thesis

1. The End of Muslim Spain

Al-Wansharīsī on the Leader of the Muslims of Christian  Marbella

Al-Ramlī on the Muslims of Christian Spain

2. Rulers Who Falsely Claim to Be Muslims 

Ibn Taymiyya on the Town of Mārdīn under the Mongols

ʿUthmān Ibn Fūdī and Hausaland .

Interpretations of Ibn Fūdī in the Age of British Imperialism in  Hausaland

3. India 

Fatwās in Favor of British Rule

Karamat ʿAli: British India Is the Abode of Islam

Sayyid Ahmad Khan: On the Ambiguous Status of India

The 1920 Hijrat to Afghanistan

The End of Calls for Migration from India

4. The French in North Africa 

Ibn al-Shāhid on the Muslims of French Algeria

 Fatwas Compiles  by French Colonial Officials in Algeria

Muhamad b. Ahmad Illaysh on the Muslims in French Africa

Fatwās for the French

Fatwās for the French in Mauritania

5. The Birth of Minority Jurisprudence (fiqh al-aqalliyyāt) .

Rashīd Riḍā: On French Citizenship

Rashīd Riḍā: Must Muslims Leave Austro-Hungarian  Bosnia? .

6. Minority Jurisprudence (fiqh al-aqalliyyāt) in the Twentieth  Century 

Al-ʿAlwānī: On Participation in the American Political   Process .

Against Minority Jurisprudence–The Views of Saʿīd Ramaḍān al-Būṭī

Appendix: Israel/Palestine 

Al-Albānī: On Remaining in Territories Occupied by Israel.

Al- Būṭī: A Refutation of Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī on Palestine

Suggestions for Further Reading in English on Muslims under Non-Muslim Rule