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Table of Contents of The Bitter Legacy: African Slavery Past and Present

Introduction: When the Past Shadows the Present: The Legacy in Africa of Slavery and the Slave Trade – Alice Bellagamba, Sandra E. Greene, and Martin A. Klein

The Struggle for Political Emancipation of Slave Descendants in Contemporary Borgu, Northern Benin – Eric Komlavi Hahonou

On Remembering Slavery in Northern Igbo Proverbial Discourse – Damian U. Opata

To Cut the Rope from One’s Neck? Manumission Documents of Slave Descendants from Central Malian Fulbe Society – Lotte Pelckmans

Memories of Slavery in a Former Slave-Trading Community: The Aro of the Bight of Biafra – G. Ugo Nwokeji

Tabula and Pa Jacob: Two Twentieth-Century Slave Narratives from Cameroon – Zacharie Saha

Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Triumph: Memories of the Slave Trade Among the Bulsa of Ghana – Emmanuel Saboro

Evoking the Past Through Material Culture: The Mami Tchamba Shrine – Alessandra Brivio

Slave Ancestry and Religious Discrimination in the Gambia – Alice Bellagamba and Martin A. Klein

Memories of Slavery and the Slave Trade from Futa Toro, Northern Senegal – Makhroufi Ousmane Traoré


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