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Table of Contents of The White Minority in the Caribbean


1. White Women and a West India Fortune: Gender and Wealth during Slavery
2. Salmagundis vs Pumpkins: White Politics and Creole Consciousness in Barbadian Slave Society, 1800-34
3. The White Elite of Trinidad, 1838-1950
4. Bay Street, Black Power and the Conchy Joes: Race and Class in the Colony and Commonwealth of the Bahamas, 1850-2000
5. The Culture of the Colonial Elites in Nineteenth-Century Guyana
6. The White Minority in Jamaica at the End of the Nineteenth Century
7. In the Name of the People: Populist Ideology and Expatriate Power in Belize
8. Ethnicity and Social Change in Curacao
9. French Republicanism under Challenge: White Minority (Beke) Power in Martinique and Guadeloupe

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