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Table of Contents of The Story of the Jamaican People

Honour the ancestors

On claiming our great heritage

Africa, the original homeland

From a colonial to a world perspective

The Asians colonise America and the Caribbean

Europe: Explorer, coloniser and slave master

Spanish Jamaica

Two Jamaicas emerge

Profits versus human rights

The beginning of the African diaspora

The Atlantic Slave Trade

The African-American liberation wars, 1660-1739

The African-Jamaican liberation wars, 1650-1800

The sugar estate: Bastion of white power

Pens, provision grounds and higglers

Into a new age

Challenge and response, 1760-1830

The primacy of freedom

Rebellion and emancipation

A home of their own

Towards political liberty

The people betrayed and vindicated

Robert Love points the way

Marcus Mosiah Qarvey, 1887-1940

Building a new society: People from India, China and the Middle East

Day da light, oh

The birth of a national consciousness, 1920-44

The founders of the nation: Marcus Garvey, Alexander Bustamante, Norman Manley

From colony to nation: Political progress and economic growth

Culture and nationhood