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Table of Contents of The Siege of Magdala: The British Empire Against the Emperor of Ethiopia

List of Maps and Illustrations
Foreword to the English Edition, by Richard Pankhurst
Introduction: A Curious Campaign

CHAPTER 1: Mysterious Ethiopia
CHAPTER 2: Tewodros II Defies Queen Victoria
CHAPTER 3: European Hostages
CHAPTER 4: The British Empire Prepares for War
CHAPTER 5: A Harbor City Builds Overnight
CHAPTER 6: Embedded Journalists
CHAPTER 7: The Long March to Magdala
CHAPTER 8: The Aroge Massacre
CHAPTER 9: The Assault on the Fortress
CHAPTER 10: The Looting of Ethiopian Cultural Treasures
CHAPTER 11: Orderly Withdrawal
CHAPTER 12: The Victors’ Triumphal Return to England
CHAPTER 13: Balance Sheet: Military Intervention without Colonial Occupation