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Table of Contents of The Price of Blood: History of Repression and Rebellion in Haiti Under Dr. François Duvalier, 1957–1962

Author’s Note
Introduction: Papa Doc’s Gulag

1. The Two Faces of Evil: Doc and Papa Doc
2. Doc Was the Bomber
3. The Cagoulards
4. Launching Tyranny
5. The Pasquet Invasion
6. The Algerian’s Invasion
7. Barbot Turns Plotter
8. Attacking the Church
9. Student Strike: Papa Doc’s Response
10. End of La Phalange
11. Inside Papa Doc’s Lair
12. Ongoing Radicalization of the Church and of Youth
13. Return of Comrade Soleil
14. Electoral Miracle and the Biamby Plot
15. Countdown to a Crossroads
16. A Young Hero: Tortured to Death
17. The Honorat Omelette
18. Sic Semper Tyrannus
19. Reporting on Borrowed Time