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Table of Contents of The Murderers Among Us: History of Repression and Rebellion in Haiti Under Dr. François Duvalier, 1962-1971

Author’s Note

1. Papa Doc Takes on JFK and Juan Bosch
2. They Called Them Kamokens
3. Papa Doc Bluffs Kennedy
4. “Clément, You’ll Bring Me Your Head”
5. Riobé’s Lonely War
6. General Cantave’s War
7. The Battle of Ounaminthe
8. Dreaming on a Dominican Chicken Farm
9. The Littlest Victims
10. Papa Doc’s Counter Coup
11. Tales from a Lunatic Asylum
12. Thirteen Against the Tyrant
13. Jérémie 1964: The Terrible Wrath of Papa Doc
14. Dominican Civil War
15. The CBS Invasion
16. Bahamas Disaster
17. The Gerard Baker Brigade
18. Against All Odds: The Time of the Left
19. The Last Salvo