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Table of Contents of The Lure of Antiquity and the Cult of the Machine: The Kunstkammer and the Evolution of Nature, Art and Technology

Preface to the American edition
Preface to the German edition
Translator’s Note
Introduction by Anthony T. Grafton

The Question of Movement
Sculpture and Machine
Natural History Void of Time

The Historical Chain
Natural Formations and Ancient Sculpture
The Collector as Prometheus
Quiccheberg’s Theory
The Habsburg Practice

Research and Vision
From Kepler to Locke
Movement and Magic

The Playfulness of Natural History
Francis Bacon’s Definition of the Kunstkammer
Resting, Erring, and Constrained Nature
Creation as a Game
The Kunstkammer as a Playroom

Twins of Progress
The Villa Albani
Winckelmann and Piranesi

Afterword on the Present
Foucault’s Image in the Sand
Turning’s “tape”