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Table of Contents of The Human Drama, Vol. IV: From 1900 to the Present

Setting the Stage

Act One: The World in Disorder, 1900–1940
Setting the Stage
Scene One: Trapped in Alliances That Lead to World War I
Scene Two: The Versailles Peace Conference and Postwar Europe
Scene Three: Fundamental Challenges to the Capitalist, Democratic Model

Act Two: Colonial Nationalism, 1900–1945
Setting the Stage
Scene One: Nationalist Movements in Asia
Scene Two: Nationalism in West Asia

Act Three: The Era of Disillusion, Depression, and War, 1920–1945
Setting the Stage
Scene One: New Challenges to Existing Worldviews
Scene Two: The Challenge of Fascism
Scene Three: Toward a Second World War

Act Four: The Cold War Era: Rebuilding and Reordering the World, 1945–1960
Setting the Stage
Scene One: Nations Rebuild: The Post-World War II World
Scene Two: An Uneasy Peace During the Cold War
Scene Three: A Proliferation of Nations Joins the World System

Act Five: Patterns of Development, 1950–1990
Setting the Stage
Scene One: Socialist States Choose Communist Strategies
Scene Two: The Attraction of Free-Market Capitalism
Scene Three: Strategies for Mixed Economic and Social Development

Act Six: A New World Order, 1989–2010
Setting the Stage
Scene One: Reconfiguring the Map of Europe
Scene Two: Asian States Join the Global Economy
Scene Three: The Quest for Stable Regimes in Africa, Latin America, and West Asia
Scene Four: World Politics in the Age of American Preeminence

Act Seven: Living in the New Global Age
Setting the Stage
Scene One: Globalization Is Changing Our Lives
Scene Two: Living with Uncertainty in the Nuclear Age
Scene Three: Challenges in the Global Age
A Final Curtain Call

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