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Table of Contents of The Chosen People

Introduction, by Stanley F. Chyet

Chapter 1: A Prophet in Israel
Chapter 2: Mrs. Frank Entertains
Chapter 3: The Feeding of Lions
Chapter 4: Post-Prandial
Chapter 5: The Fashion in Prophets
Chapter 6: The Brotherhood of Man
Chapter 7: Public Penance
Chapter 8: Concerning Love—Sacred and Profane
Chapter 9: Concerning Jews—Reformed and Incorrigible
Chapter 10: A Prophet in Search of Employment
Chapter 11: A Little Matter of Homicide
Chapter 12: How a Popular Hero is Made
Chapter 13: The Appeal to Organized Charity
Chapter 14: A Sentimental Journey
Chapter 15: The Strange Woman
Chapter 16: The Appeal to Capital
Chapter 17: The Man and the Rabbi
Chapter 18: The Price of a Man
Chapter 19: The Voice of Duty
Chapter 20: The Appeal to Organized Labor
Chapter 21: A Matter of Definition
Chapter 22: The Happy Ending
Chapter 23: God’s Work
Chapter 24: A Prophet Listens to Reason