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Table of Contents of Zionism: A Brief History

Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the English Edition

I. The Early History of Political Zionism
Religious Origins
American Utopias
Zionism and European Nationalism
A New Beginning in Russia
Politicizing Jewish Society in Western Europe
Autonomists, Bundists, and Agudists in Eastern Europe

II. An International Nationalism: The Topography of Early Zionism
Tel Aviv

III. From Vision to Reality: Jewish Emigration to Palestine
The “Old Yishuv”
The Two Immigration Waves Preceding World War I
New Ways of Life: Agricultural Labor and the Hebrew Language
The Path to a Middle-Class Society
Foundational Myths

IV. One Zionism or Many Zionisms? The Formation of Zionist Parties
The Beginnings of Factionalism
Jews and Arabs
Diverse Paths to a Jewish State
The Role of Religion
Economic Order

V. The Long Path to a Jewish State: Palestine as British Mandate
Zionism in the Diaspora
Palestine under the British
Partition Plans

Epilogue: Zionism or Postzionism? The Zionist Idea after the Founding of the State of Israel

A State Without Peace
Pluralism or Discord?
Israel Without Zionism?

Afterword (2011): Israel: The First Decade of the Twenty-First Century
War and Peace
Political Transformation
Consumerist Revolution
Religion and Culture
Future Perspectives

Suggestions for Further Reading