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Table of Contents of The West and the World: A History of Civilization, Vol. II: From 1400 to the Present

Topical Outline
Note on Chinese Spelling

Preview of the Period
1. Self and Society: Individuality and Modernity
Medieval Social Salvation and Modern Specialization
The Room and the Book: Origins of Modern Individuality
The Italian Renaissance
Humanism and Individualism
The Protestant Reformation
Europe and China
Neo-Confucianism and the Individual
Wang Yangming
Wang Gen and the Tai-zhou Movement
Protestant and Confucian Individualism
2. Race and Racism: Color and Slavery
What is Race?
What is Racial Prejudice?
What is Racism?
Is Racism Universal or Recent?
The Color of Slaves
Sugar, Sails, and Slaves
The Problem of Whiteness
Dirty Words and White Lies
Negro y Blanco
The Red and the Black
The Burden of Slavery
British Versus Latin American Slavery: Racism and Manumission
British Versus Latin American Slavery: Racism and Miscegenation
3. Politics and Morality: Secular States and Middle Classes
The European Political Revolution
Rivers and Forests
The Competition of States and Political Theory
Machiavelli’s Morality for the modern State
Machiavelli’s Modern Science of Politics
Protestantism, Absolutism, and Middle-Class Revolution
The Ethic of Process
Some Unfinished Business: The Political Ethics of Liberal Market Society
Hobbes: A Government for the Competitive Jungle
Locke: A Government for Christian Gentlemen
The Unfinished Business of Business Society: Private Ownership or Political Democracy
Opening the Process: From Liberal to Socialist Democracy
4. Work and Exchange: Capitalism Versus Tradition
Before Capitalism: Traditional Ways of Working and Exchanging
Premarket Exchange: Householding, Reciprocity, and Redistribution
The Origins of Capitalism: Markets, Logic, and Desire
Capitalism: Work and Pay, Prices and Profits
Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution
Capitalist Contradictions and Contractions
Railroaded to the Rescue
Chronological Table of a Unified World: 1500-1800

Preview of the Period
5. Energy and Environment: Industry and Capitalism
The Industrial Revolution is Responsible?
Industrialization: Mechanical Time Versus Organic Time
Industrialization: Standard Space and Interchangeable Parts
Energy Sources: Wind and Water Versus Coal and Iron
Capitalism Is Responsible?
Ecology and Ideal Capitalism
Ecology and Modern Capitalism
6. Economics and Utopia: Origins of Socialism
Socialism As Dream
The Bourgeois Revolution and the Communists: Babeuf’s Conspiracy
A New Old Idea of Work: The Socialism of Fourier
Varieties of Socialism: The Legacy of the French Revolution
The Origins of Marxism
Marx: From History of Labor to Critique of Alienation
Marx: From History of ideas to Critique of Ideology
1848: The Communist Manifesto
Capitalism, Socialism, and Work: 1850-2050
7. Race and Class: The United States and South Africa
South Africa and North America: Colonies and Conquest
British, Boer, and Bantu; Redcoats, Rebels, and Redskins
Race and Slavery
The American Civil War
Dominative Versus Aversive Racism
South Africa, 1834-1910
From Reconstruction to Segregation: Uniting the States, 1877-1914
Segregation in South Africa: Boer War to World War I
Apartheid and Segregation
8. Nationalism and Internationalism: Imperialism and Independence
The Rights of Englishmen and Indians
Nation, Language, and Colony
The Internationalism of Free Trade
Free Trade for Whom?
Free Trade or Else: The Opium War
Nationalism, Internationalism, and Social Class
Nationalism in Europe
Nationalism in Multinational Societies
European Settler Societies and Nationalism
Workers of the World Disperse
Nationalism for the Colonies?
Indian Nationalism and the Rebellion of 1857
The Rani of Jhansi and Indian nationalism
Chinese Nationalism and the Taiping Rebellion
Nationalism and Anticolonialism
From Free Trade to New Imperialism
Western Nationalism and the International Economy
The Partition of Africa
African Economic Dependence
Dominance Over West African Peasants
Dominance Over Central African Peoples
Dominance Over Eastern and Southern African Plains
Imperialism and National Economies
A Small Example
Ways and Words
Who Needs Nationalism?
Buy American?
The Socialist International
9. Culture and Change: Beyond Certainty and Relativity
Modern Painting: A Visual Barometer of Change
The Discovery of Change and Culture
Evolution: Certainty’s Last Stand
From Certainty to Relativity
Beyond Certainty and Relativity: Understanding and Making Human History
Chronological Table of the Industrial World: 1800-1914

Preview of the Period
10. Nationalism and Communism: Revolution and Independence
The Chinese Nationalist Revolution of 1911
The Communist Revolution in Russia
The Appeal of the Russian Revolution
International Revolution Versus “Socialism in One Country”
Communism Comes to China
The Comintern and India
World War I and Gandhi
Amritsar and Aftermath
Gandhi, Nehru, and Social Change
Nationalist and Socialist Revolution
11. Individual and Society: Freedom and Authority
Industrialization and Individuality
Class and Individuality in the Nineteenth Century
The Triumph of Liberalism
Managed Mass Society: Twentieth-Century Corporatism
The Triumph of Totalitarianism
Modernization and Individuality
Chronological Table of a Divided World: 1914-1945

12. Industry and Capitalism Since 1945
State and Industry: Russia and Japan
Japan Inc.
New Asian Tigers: Taiwan and South Korea
Chinese Communism: One Step Forward; One Step Backward
China Since Mao Zedong
United States and Western Europe
Managed Industrial Evolutions
Israel and South Africa
The Spread of Industrialization: Some Lessons
The United States and Western Europe
The Golden Years: 1946-1973
The Welfare State
The Oil Cartel and Slick
Free-Market Fallout From the Defeat of Communism
Global Industrial Competition
The New Capitalism and Industrialization
Capitalism Today
Selling and Citizenship
13. Ecology and Resources
The Green Dream
Dammed If You Do
Dammed If You Don’t
Irrigation, Fertilizers, and Pesticides
Silent Spring to Earth Day
Technological Template
The Synthetic, Throw-Away Technology
Why the Wrong Template?
Private Profits and Social Costs
Private and Public Technology
Communism, A Sea of Cotton, and Chernobyl
New Directions
Cairo Sky
Sustainable Global Industrialization
14. Identity and Global Culture
National Identity in Europe and the United States, 1950-1970
Silver Screen as National Mirror
Technologies of National Identity and Globalization
The Transformation of American Culture
Hollyworld and McWorld
Selling American Citizenship
Identity and Commerce
Alternatives to McDomination
Chronological Table of The Nuclear World: 1945-Present


Three Muslim Empires
Major World Migrations, 1700-1810
The “Bronzing” of the Americas
European Colonization in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
North America in 1763, After the Seven Years’ War
Southern Africa in the Nineteenth Century
The United States During the Civil War
Nations and Nation States in Europe in the Nineteenth Century
Major World Migrations, 1830-1855
Major World Migrations, 1860-1885
Major World Migrations, 1890-1915
The Dismemberment of the Chinese Empire, 1842-1911
Imperialism in Africa, 1884-1914
The Extermination of the Jews, 1939-1945
World War II: Greatest Extent of Axis Expansion
Independence in Asia
Major World Migrations, 1930-1955
Major World Migrations, 1960-1985
Sahel Drought and Famine, 1968-1974
Rich and Poor Countries
Angola and Zaire